Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Snowy Egret and Garage Sale Finds

"Did you come all the way here just for the community garage sales today?"

"Really! You drove all that way just to go to some garage sales?"

Yes, and we got lucky in finding you, Snowy Egret, perched near the side of the road across the refuge.  I wonder - were you people-watching?

Whatever it was doing, it was very content and calm and just a tad bit wary of the car stopping.

So, there was this community-wide garage sale down in Barnegat last weekend and I coaxed HWNSNBP into driving down for the morning and he indulged me and our good friend J and drove us throughout the neighborhoods for a couple of hours of curbside shopping.  

And I even managed to get him to stop at one thrift store on our way home scoring some more goodies for the day.

Speaking of goodies..... there were paper and crocheted doilies.

One sale had a bag full of handkerchiefs for $2 and I picked up a couple more for 50 cents each at another home.

Some of these were badly stained, but the hand-crocheted edgings are so pretty (and I believe the one on the very bottom is tatted).

I fell in love with this old Christmas card with the beach scene and when I went to pay for it, a woman who was visiting the home of the seller remarked that she wouldn't have been able to part with that if it were hers.  The seller said he didn't even realize that he had something like that and they both agreed that it should be framed.  (I'm thinking about that.)

This little book was under some baskets and I really loved the colorful book jacket and then when I opened it up...........

I loved the illustrations.

I couldn't find the price but the seller there was eager to make a sale and she checked inside the book and it was marked $1.50 but she gave it to me for $1.00.  

At the thrift store I perused the stationary bins and found this cute card for 25 cents.

And these three sets of cards for 40 cents/4 in a package.

Yes, I know......... I make my cards that I send, but I loved the graphics on these and they were so cheap I thought I could possibly use them if I ever resumed my art journaling.

Oh, and don't let me forget this pack of GO FISH cards (the complete set) for a quarter.  Art journal or framing somehow for the condo?  I'll have to think on that one too!

And one last purchase, which was actually the first of the day.  I told HWNSNBP that he could buy this for me as it was marked 25 cents and I didn't have a quarter on me at the time and he did.  It's just the right size for a battery operated tea light.  

All together I spent about $8.00.  It was a good day for Saling!


  1. Looks like you had a marvelous day and scored lots of goodies. I love hitting yard sales because you never know what you'll find.

  2. We occasionally have little egrets here, but I've never seen them properly and I don't think they have those amazing black legs and yellow boots - what wonderful photos!
    And it looks like a very fun shopping expedition. The little angel light is just sweet. Both the Christmas card and the card with the cottage and the misty mountains reminded me of someone I used to know, it was the style he painted in. And goodness, the cottage and misty mountains could be an Irish scene! Or French, too...
    And how funny, I just had to look up Go Fish this week when I used my Snoopy stamp of that name. I'm told it's the same as Happy Families, but I'd never heard of it. Your fishy Go Fish cards are just adorable!

  3. The egret has style!
    Lovely finds. I especially like the hankies, book, beach painting, and the card with the bird and morning glories.


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