Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Administrative Professionals Day and a Little Bit of Earth Day

 Aren't these fish cute?  I had fun stamping and coloring them.  So why so many?

Today was Administrative Professionals Day and I know I don't have to, but I like sending a little some kind of recognition to my fellow admins as a kind of thank you for all the support that they've given me (and we've all given each other) over the year.  This year, because of my health issues and being out of work so long, I was especially appreciative.

I stamped and colored one circle and then printed up the message below and stuck them back-to-back.  Punched a hole through the top and tied them to individual bags of Gold Fish crackers (with a little candy tucked into the tie.  Sorry I didn't take a picture of the finished product, but I think you can picture it.  Here's the pin from Pinterest that inspired me.  It was on a Teacher Appreciation post, but I thought I could make it fit for today.  I downloaded the recommended fonts and used my Print Shop to recreate the label adding the curved message on the bottom.  

Today was also Earth Day.  I've been trying to keep a bit of a recycling theme to my cards this month, and although I did not need this card for a special event (YET), I wanted to put it together as my Earth Day project.   It started with a sheet of tissue paper that came in a recent online purchase of .... shoes....  I took some Mod Podge and attached the tissue to a rectangle of Bermuda Bay cardstock. When it was dry, I added some glitter pen to the shoes that were printed on the tissue.  (They're not all catching the light in the picture, but I did do all the shoes.)  That was mounted on a Brushed Silver card base.  I took a leftover scrap of the texture silver foil paper and added that to the left side.  

The sentiment says "I'm pretty sure that with sparkly shoes and a new tiara she could conquer the world" and I stamped in on another pieced of Bermuda Bay embossing it in black.  I added some silver glass glitter to the edges of that panel.  The last addition was the die cut "tiara" out of blue/green glitter paper. 

I had called HWNSNBP up to the stamp cave to help me choose a die that most resembled a tiara. This obviously was out of his comfort zone.  I showed him three possibilities and asked him which one looked the most like a tiara and he said "what is a tiara?".  Uh, yeah, too abstract for him. I know he knows what a tiara is, he just couldn't see it as something else.   I told reminded him a tiara was a crown and this is the die he chose which is what I was leaning towards anyway.

I don't think you can see how it sparkles enough.  Oh well. I was happy to be able to use even just a little of that tissue paper.

If you're an Admin I hope you had a wonderful day (mine was crazy busy).  And if you haven't done a recycling project yet this month, I encourage you to.  There's another week of April and I'd love to see what you can save from a landfill so be sure to let me know where to look.


  1. I knew, when I spotted somewhere or other that it was Administrative Professionals Day, that you would have something to share relating to it - they're sweet! Great use of a Valentine stamp instead of leaving it aside.
    Gosh, it's amazing to read that you silvered all the shoes - I assumed it was just the pair that really catch the light. But I should have known, I know all about how hard shine, shimmer and sparkle are to capture without a complex and space-hogging lighting set up.
    I can understand HWNSNBP's problem with seeing a die as something else - it took me many years to train DH to see that a knitting pattern could be knitted in all sorts of colours and not whatever the sample for the printed pattern had to be made up in. Now, of course, he's broken totally free from that!

  2. Love these!!!! And Happy Administrative Professional's Day . . . a day late!

  3. awwwww... husbands... so cute and yet so amusing at times! :) it must be said that once he knew what a tiara was, he chose pretty well, tho! absolutely LOVE THIS, especially the hand-silvered shoes, o'course. but really every bit of it from the recycling upwards! well done you, and happy administrative professionals day, too! <3


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