Friday, April 10, 2015

Jingle Belles - Let There Be Peace on EARTH (day)

What are you going to do with that?  I often get that question if I'm seen stuffing what some might consider trash into my bag.  And then when I take it home and stash it away it just seems to multiply. 

So when I was picked to be a guest designer for this month's Jingle Belles challenge I was hoping that it might have something to do with recycling so I could jump into - check that, no jumping yet - delve into one of my many boxes of rescued discards and put it to good use. 

My goal on this card was to use as much "rescued" materials as possible and I think I did pretty good. The only recently purchased item is the crocheted lace.

My card base is actually white Bristol board to give it some strength for the weight of the items added to the front.  I covered that with a layer of Bravo Burgundy cardstock (retired) and then used part of a printed paper bag.  The corrugated cardboard under the ornament was part of some packaging and I just swiped some white gesso on it to brighten it up a bit.  The green ribbon is recycled from one of those giftbox stacks from the holidays with a swatch of the crocheted lace over it.  

The ornament - the form of the ornament is actually one of those gold cardboard cake/pie/pastry bases that I meticulously clean off whenever HWNSNBP treats me to one of those little fruit tarts from Wegman's.  I took a scrap of aluminum foil and die cut a circle that would cover the circle of the cardboard and then embossed it.  I just scrunched the foil over the edges adding just a little bit of tacky glue to keep it in place.  The fuzzy stuff is part of one of those brass pot scrubby thingy's which I never used to scrub pots. I had a few of them that I used in a candle arrangement that went south. And I just wrapped a gold foil twist tie around the brass as a "ribbon" treatment.  

The star is die cut from a fast food coffee sleeve, again with some gesso and mounted on the burgundy cardstock.  

HWNSNBP was amazed that I was done with this card relatively quickly the other night, and he couldn't believe all the "stuff" that I recycled, but he's also aware that I only put a dent in what I have up in the stamp cave.  

Well, there's always next week.......

So now I'm heading over to the Jingle Belles blog to see what else has been rescued from the landfills here and abroad!  Click here to join me.  


  1. That is one fabulous ornament, Lorraine, and I love the whited corrugated card panel behind it. A pot-scrubber?? I am amazed. I saw someone tie a beautiful bow with mesh from a bag recently - you can add that to your list. Or maybe, given your supply of stuff already waiting to be upcycled, maybe not ;-).

  2. Love all the detail in your stunning card! I'm so impressed with your ability to include so many recycled items. I also love the Jingle Belles recycling challenges. This time is was challenging for me to come up with something because I am in the process of packing up my home to move across the country and didn't have many items at my fingertips. However, next year when this challenge rolls around again, I'm hope to play along. Thanks for sharing your talent and for inspiring me to be creative.


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