Saturday, April 4, 2015

Birthday Wrap-Up and Sharing of Their Creativity

As a special birthday present, my choice was to take four special people to tea and HWNSNBP financed the deal.  Unfortunately, my sister could not make it do to work obligations, but my mother, godmother, and cousin B did.  We went to my favorite tearoom, Teaberry's, and had a very enjoyable afternoon.  I made these little favors for them.  (You can find directions here.)

Three of us had the full tea.  My mother opted for just the sandwiches and a pot of tea.  These were our little finger sandwiches and boy, were they tasty.


I mentioned earlier this week that HWNSNBP and I visited a candy store last Saturday.  I was saving these for my birthday.  Isn't this the sweetest box?  It's only about 3 1/2" long and inside were........

These specialty truffles.  The pig was a toffee truffle and the ladybug was raspberry chocolate.  They were cute, but I probably wouldn't get them again (a little too expensive for and everyday treat).

Then, even though I explicitly told the ladies NO GIFTS, they didn't listen and I had to make some thank you cards (in the colors to match their favors).  Dziekuje is thank you in Polish which I think the older ladies will appreciate having spoken that when they were growing up. (Those leaves are all the same color, yet they look much different on the center card against that darker background.)

I have to share a special gift that I received by mail from Ireland last week.  I hope Sabrina does not mind me using the picture she took of this gorgeous afghan that she knitted for me.  The weather has not been the greatest here for me to get outside and take a nice picture and look, they have GREEN grass in Ireland already this spring.  Our backyard still looks khaki!

But back to the afghan - I am just in awe of all those lighthouse panels and the anchors in the border are just too perfect.  The colors are gorgeous and I love, love, love it!  I showed the ladies the picture after trying to describe it to them at tea and they were blown away as well.  

And also in the package was a beautiful stamp I can't wait to use and some more of her handiwork - this beautiful tag with lengths of the yarn she used in the afghan........

And another tag that just sparkles with a beautiful beach scene.

Not finished yet - there was also a fantastic card that I immediately fell in love with.  This will be framed and hung in the condo for sure.

I was also graced with three love BRAK cards (Birthday Random Act of Kindness) from Splitcoast members



and 4everstamping

This whole week has been full of visits and cards and well wishes from my family, friends and co-workers and I appreciate each and every one.

Thank you all for making my birthday a very memorable one.


  1. Happy birthday! I'd sing, but I have it on good authority that you really don't want me to. Looks like you had a lovely birthday week (and that afghan is amazing!!).

  2. The sandwiches certainly look really delicious! And the truffles - also their box.
    And there was I hoping that YOU would take a picture of the afghan that I could grab ;-). I remember from the last time I made a cot blanket, it's not easy even with a wide-angle lens. Enjoy whatever time you have left of the Easter break, I hope you didn't have too much pain during it.


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