Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zentangles - January

I found a new calendar to use to practice new Zentangle patterns.  I had a similar one last year but somehow that train came off the tracks early in the year and I didn't get very far with.  This year I am once again determined to do a tangle-a-day as I did back in 2013 (you can click on Zentangles in the label list on the right column to see that).  Some are from what I've found online and some will be my own. 

So to give you a glimpse of what it looks like you will see a two-page spread below.  Because of copyright laws I cannot show the step-outs but there are 5 boxes below the main box running across the top and in each of those boxes I have recreated the steps to complete those particular tangles. I looked for this particular set up because I found, while doing the 2013 calendar, that it was nice to have completed tangles as a reference but I didn't always remember the steps.

I have been adding the name of the tangle and the creator's name at the very bottom of the column so unfortunately, when I take pictures of the weeks, you won't see the names of the tangles.  But please feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment to ask for the tangle name(s).   I'll gladly get back to you.

Some of them I've added color to.

I've also been trying to complete more tiles and hope to do some Random Act of Zentangles (leaving them randomly in places to share them).  I have square tiles and ATC-size tiles and will also be using some round tiles, black tiles and maybe the new smaller ones also if I get them.

So this is a little art show of what I've done this month.

A couple of them use "strings" from internet sources and the rest were randomly strung.  (Strings are the pencil lines that are drawn on the tile that form the "compartments" for the tangles before you add the ink.)

I'm counting on my blogging buddies out there to keep me on track with this year-long project.  So if you don't see me posting my monthly (or bi-monthly depending how productive I am) Zentangle posts, please give me a kick in the behind!


  1. Hello Lorraine. I see you work in a busy school office.I take my hat off to you.If teachers think their jobs are stressful- they should try the office for a week.I know.I was a clerical office worker for 9 years before I went teaching. I would Never want to work in the office of a many interruptions.LOVE your Zentangle works.I love doing them too.New follower.thanks for joining my blog followers.

  2. Fantastic tangles, you put my doodles to shame.....LOL

  3. Love these. I actually bought a book and need to start practicing.


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