Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's So Cold........What's Blooming?

Today's high temperature was 22º.  The wind chill brought that down, down, down.  So I thought it might be a good time to document what I had blooming inside.

This orchid has been blooming since last February.  I guess it's very happy where it is.

This orchid opened up a couple of days before Christmas.  Several of my other orchids are in various stages of setting blooms too.

The white Oxalis has multiple blooms right now.

While the purple one is down to it's last bloom.

My pink Christmas Cactus has blooms and buds.  I see another bud on the yellow one and look forward to that blooming.

This African Violet is on it's last bloom for now but there are some buds at the base.

We have two Amaryllis' in bloom (the other one not pictured is on it's last bloom).  And there's a third almost ready to pop.  Of course, we still didn't get the timing right for these as they opened after Christmas yet again.

This pixie Spotted African Violet next to the kitchen sink makes me smile every time it blooms.  I just love the speckles.

My Godmother brought me this beautiful pink Primrose which we'll add to the outside garden once the ground defrosts.

This little pink Kalanchoe came from either Trader Joe's or Ikea (it's been here about a month and I haven't gone to many places since I've been home, but neither of us can remember where we got it).

And I do have some very fragrant paperwhites still blooming on the kitchen counter in a bowl of marbles.

You can see that we have a light covering of snow outside which they say will be around for a few weeks because this cold snap is going to be more than a snap.  

I wanted to revel in the beauty of the flowers today, and the silence of my home as I reflected on how lucky I am to be here to be able to.  Today is my Hysterversary.  I've been cancer-free for 6 years now, and although this last year was difficult health-wise, I feel good about the direction I'm going in.  Getting stronger every day and pain free.

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  1. The flowers are beautiful! I was in sort of a grumpy mood this morning . . . and your flowers and your post (6 years cancer free!!!!) . . . made me realize that life is just too short to be in a grumpy mood. (Especially on a Friday.) Stay warm my friend!


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