Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sharing Their Creativity - Christmas 2014

I thought before I store these away that I should share them.  I love receiving handmade cards and this year I got a couple of pretty special ones.

The first one is from my Jingle Belles friend Lauren who I am determined to meet face-to-face this year as she only lives a few miles from me.  I think she's picked up on my love of birds and I am just head-over-heels for that ribbon and pin.  Yes, it is actually a pin and isn't it just perfectly placed? Notice that fine line of glitter around the bird motif also.  This girl knows how to rock all those layers too!  Thank you Lauren.


This next card is from my blogging friend Sabrina who lives in Ireland. There is so much texture and technique in this gorgeous scenic card.  Sabrina is no doubt the fearless Queen of Techniques. She is always trying something new and doesn't give up if things don't exactly come out the prescribed way. I am always breathless when I open an envelope containing a card from her for I know I will be gazing upon something quite stunning.  Thank you Sabrina.

And thank you also for this cool easel drawer card (and what was inside!).  How cool!  It's like a little treasure chest specially made for me.  Love it!

And coming in from New Zealand (where it's summer right now) is this lovely creation from Sunshine.  How beautifully delicate is that border and the colors so soft.  Sunshine did not do Christmas cards because she hasn't been feeling well, but I sure do love her "after Christmas card".  I hope you're feeling much better Sunshine!

I am so blessed to have made friends from all over via this blog that are so sharing of their time and talents.  Looking forward to another good year of keeping in touch!

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