Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jingle Belles Wrap it Up and the Candy in the Wrapper

One more card for this lovely Jingle Belles challenge to use discarded wrappings from the holidays.

The holly, snowflake, and bird motifs actually came from the sample scraps of wrapping paper that are in the fund-raising booklets from the school I work in.  These are from this year's book (I have other's somewhere) and I hope that this doesn't disqualify me from this challenge.  Oh, but wait, the ribbon in the lower left-hand corner did actually come on a gift so, phew....... I guess I'm safe.

I layered River Rock and Whisper White cs for the sentiment.  The base is Cherry Cobbler with a panel of River Rock and some SU dsp in cherry cobbler also.  I just fell in love with these colors and I'm kind of sorry that I wasn't there when the fund-raiser was active or I might just have had to order some of this delicious paper.

Speaking of delicious..........the one thing that I asked HWNSNBP to get for me for Christmas is pictured below.

There's a little chocolate shop near the outdoor mall in Cape May, and every time we go there I like to stop in there to try something new.  Last year I found these wonderful American made caramels that they happened to sell individually - 

BĂ©quet® Gourmet Caramels

I usually treat myself to a few different flavors but the butterscotch and the Celtic sea salt are my favorites.  When we were in Cape May for our anniversary in September I bought about a dozen of them and treated myself to one every now and then, but by Christmas my stash was pretty near gone. So I saved a wrapper and told HWNSNBP that if he could find them closer, that's what I wanted.   (And I even hinted that he could probably order them on line also.)  Well, lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning when I unwrapped not one, but two bags of each flavor. Yum! 

Then he told me that he found a store that sells them only 5 mins. from where he works.  Problem was, they didn't have the butterscotch.    But..........they were willing to order them although they couldn't guarantee to have them by Christmas.  So he went ahead and ordered them and surprisingly they called him the Friday before Christmas to say that they were in.  So in between his errands on that Saturday morning, he took at drive up there to get them.  He said the lady in the store was a little excited and said to him "Are you the gentleman that ordered the butterscotch caramels?"  He replied "Yes".  And then she went on to tell him that she just had to try them and she wanted him to know that they were the best caramels that she had ever tasted.  And he told her "I know. My wife has good taste!".

Yep, he's a keeper!


  1. You managed another one, hooray! I am so loving this prompt, I can't seem to stop making cards! lol Your colour combination is fabulous and you have layered it together so nicely. Those caramels sound lovely - so nice you have a hubby who listens to your hints!!!

  2. Caramels are my favorite ... and I think you get bonus points for recycling from a sales catalog ... such a fabulous holiday design ... so glad you started 2015 with us at Jingle Belles.

  3. Scrumptious colors and a fabulously gorgeous layout! Your description of the caramels has my mouth watering. They sound incredibly delicious.

  4. he's a keeper for sure!!! plus those caramels do sound fab! (unless one is lucky enough to have a little stash of homemade marshmallows, which might be even more AWESOME, lol! totally LOVING this card, and i would say not only does giftwrap taken from a sample catalog COUNT... i think it would actually score HIGHER b/c HOW CLEVER IS THAT??!?!?! love this in every possible way! YOWZA, in fact! ♥♥♥

  5. Beautiful card! I love the vibrant colors!

  6. hi lorraine, thanks so much for popping by and leaving a lovely comment about my little goofy snowmen cards. what a beautifully designed card! i love the bright reds and all the individual elements.


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