Monday, January 5, 2015

Jingle Belles - No Time Like the Presents

Here it is, January 5th and we have not yet put Christmas away.  My excuse........I'm having my mother and godmother over for lunch today because they couldn't make it last week and I promised to leave the decorations up.   As soon as they leave today I'll make the decision as to what is going to stay out (maybe my white lanterns and silver trees for the winter) or what's going to come out (my winter birds and/or snowmen).  In any case, there will be a lot of packing to do.

Speaking of packing and getting back to the title of this post, I am happy to say that I am going to participate in the Jingle Belles challenges again this year.  It is, I've decided, the best way to stay ahead of the Christmas rush that inevitably hits in late fall.  So on with it...........

No Time Like the Presents - Lauren and Stephanie have challenged us to use some remnants of our Christmas wrapping, be it actual wrapping paper or tissue paper, trims, bags or tags.

I am so tickled with this card (and so was HWNSNBP).  The center blue circle with the Santa on it is a tag from a gift that my daughter-in-law's parents gave us (a beautiful silver and white ornament for our tree).  The bow on the wreath was the ribbon that the tag hung from.  Surrounding the blue tag is a red and white cord which I had wrapped around a gift that I gave to a friend who visited over the holidays.  The green snowflake background is a gift bag given to me by another friend.  I also used the soft yarn handle around the center motif.  I used "be merry" Essentials by Ellen dies for the message in gold foil paper.  Oh, oh, and I added a gold pencil border around the snowflake piece.

I don't know why, but this reminds me of the Looney Tunes Logo a bit.  I've got another card cooking for the second week of this challenge.

Yikes, speaking of cooking, I'd better get going.  I'm making three new recipes for this lunch.  I know, not the best idea to try things out on guests, but they're pretty simple.  Thanks to my time off from work and perusing Pinterest so much, I've amassed a small stack of recipes that I want to try out and since it's only HWNSNBP and I, it's usually too much for the two of us, so at least I'll be able to share whats made.  

This is the dessert that I decided to try - Edible Pine Cones.  (HWNSNBP says they look like chocolate Christmas trees which is okay too.)  I had bought all the ingredients for this and for the other two recipes to make for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but with all the regular holiday fare that everyone was looking forward to, and the hecticness of those days, I put them off.  

The rest of the menu includes Christmas Tortellini and Spinach Soup and Meatball Sub Bubble Up Bake.  They look simple enough and don't take an exhorbitant amount of ingredients or time to make.  So let me get going.

But....... I'll be checking out the Jingle Belles gallery later on.  Here's the link for JB:15:01.


  1. It's downright amazing just how many different things you managed to recycle on that card! And it's so pretty, too! I love the edible pine cones... might need to follow the link to that recipe, always having the next Christmas coffeeklatsch in mind!

  2. The card is fantastic!!!! And yes, I totally see the Looney Tunes logo in it! Too funny! As for those pine cones...they look gorgeous and yummy! Hope all the rest of the cooking goes well! :)

  3. This is sooo cute! Wow, did you ever manage to recycle a plethora of materials - way to go! I agree, it does remind me a bit of the Looney Tunes logo - I think it's Santa's arms sticking up like Bugs Bunny's ears!!!
    Hope the lunch went well - we love spinach tortellini soup in our house - a quick but tasty soup on a cold day. I have never put beans in mine, but will have to try. I almost made it for dinner tonight, but hubby took us out instead! It's on the menu for tomorrow. I dare say those pinecones will be fabulous for dessert!
    Shanna :)
    p.s. In case it makes you feel better, you are not the only one with your halls still "bedecked!" My children's trees and decorations have been put away but the rest of the house is yet to be cleared of evidence of the holidays. In my world, time is too precious to spend an entire weekend packing pretty things away - priorities tend to be skiing or snowboarding (papercrafting if the weather is too cold!). Besides, we are outdoor enthusiasts, so anything relating to snow is welcome in our home until late March = the snowmen stay! I find if the decor is put away gradually, you notice its absence less and don't tend to notice the time it takes so much - besides, I figure I'm doing well if it is down by Feb. 1st, lol!

  4. I hereby declare you "Queen of Upcycling/Repurposing"! Amazing how many items you used, and how well you used them! I missed most of the JB challenges last year, but I'm on board this year! This is my first visit to your blog, but I can tell it will be well worth my while to come back again - often!

  5. Incredible card! I am amazed at how many beautiful elements you were able to re-purpose.

  6. ok, so WHAT TIME is lunch... 'cause i'm free if you need someone to help with the leftovers!!! :) (oh & for the record not only are all our xmas decorations still up, we've still been having the outside lights on, too--much too late but LHJ does love them! last night tonight, then tomorrow the de-xmas-ification shall commence. can i just say how much i HATE packing it all up... when i'm rich enough to have staff i'd be happy to still clean my own house if minions could do things like that!!!)

    meanwhile ♥WHAT A CARD♥!!!!!!!!!! of course that tag is gorgeous, but it's always tricky to know how much to add and exactly WHAT to add... clearly you are not challenged by such matters!!! LOVE this in a big big way! fab take on our "no time like the presents" challenge at JINGLE BELLES, also! ♥

  7. You are an up-cycling magician ... all the little elements you used go together so fabulously ... love it ... so glad you're starting 2015 with us at jingle belles.


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