Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sharing Their Creativity

I had a visitor recently and during the course of our conversation I was telling her all about my interactions with friends that I have made through this blog.  It was when I was showing her my Shabby Charlotte from Clare that I realized that I never shared her here.  Clare makes these adorable little dolls that, as I mentioned she calls Shabby Charlottes.  Each doll is individually handcrafted sometimes with and sometimes without a special person in mind.  Clare names them all and gives them a little story card explaining all about them.

This is Beatrice
"Beatrice is a very special little doll with a wonderful sense of humor and a great smile.  She loves a good cup of tea - preferably in a pretty teacup...and even better if served with fancy little finger sandwiches and pastries...and shared with friends.  Beatrice loves to make things...and is always ready to turn a few simple pieces of paper into a work of art.  She loves nature and sees beauty all around her.  She likes to keep a little bird seed in her bag just in case the mood strikes her to stop and do a little bird watching.  Beatrice is kind, thoughtful, and believes nothing is impossible...why with determination and hope - she even believes pigs can fly."

In Beatrice's purse adorned with a teacup charm is a tiny little folded crane, a little colored pencil, and the tiniest little pouch of tea.

Around her neck is a necklace with a flying pig and around her waist - every at the ready - is a tiny heart stamp.  

She is so special to me.  I am only sorry that I did not share her sooner.  Thank you Clare, and thank you for the wonderful "orange" crane that you sent me to cheer me up during my recovery.  You are so very thoughtful and do know how to cheer me up!

And my blogging friend Sabrina sent me this wonderful card.  I absolutely love this quote.  It says so much about using the gifts that you have - something I feel very strongly about especially when someone questions me about why I spend so much of my time creating.  Don't you just love the sweet little birds!  Thank you Sabrina!

Sabrina had send me some crafting supplies for my birthday and I finally got around to using some of them.  Some little muslin pennants, tiny wood birds, and an assortment of nature printed ribbon.  Hmmm, what to do with these?

I lined the pennant pieces up in this order.....

added some snippets of ribbon to each pennant piece, and stained the little wooden birds with my SU markers to look like bluebirds, then I glued them onto each pennant.  

I tied it around a glass dish that has some plants in it and it looks great (but doesn't photograph well because of the glass).  I'm so pleased with the way this came out.  HWNSNBP even commented that he liked it.  


  1. Your doll is so cute and for some reason I noticed the flying pig necklace-enjoy:@)

  2. All the details on Beatrice are amazing - what a sweet gift!
    I just love what you did with the little wooden birds - I'll have to try colouring some of mine. It changes the look totally! They look delightful on the little canvas pennants. I'm glad you enjoyed using them.


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