Friday, October 24, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 8 - 14

 DPP 8 - Faded.  When I saw the word faded I kept thinking faded jeans.  I actually thought about using some faded denim on this, but it wasn't were I could get to it easily so instead I created some "denim" with my SU Canvas background stamp and then took some daubers to make the flower.  I searched for a quote about roses and like this one that spoke of the last rose of summer as summer was quickly drawing to an end.

DPP 9 - Games.  I created my game board with red and yellow ink and daubers in a grid pattern.  Then I went back and added the little designs on the circles in micron pen.  

DPP 10 - Stitched Paper.  I was not able to get my sewing machine out of the cabinet (no lifting at this point) so I opted to create a background out of watercolors and added my stitching to a certain area using embroidery floss.

Here's a close up if the stitching.  You can see I used straight stitches and French knots.

DPP 11 - OGEE.  This challenge required three cards.  My first two were done with those highlighters again.  The last one I drew with a fine black marker which reminded me so much of a fish net that I went and got some fish and crab stamps to the "catch".

DPP 12 - Round.  We were to use round stickers on this.  My round sticker are clearly smiley faces which every sunflower should have in my opinion.

DPP 13 - Grid.  Well, the new watercolor set that I got had a few different shades of red and how they were lined up in the box reminded me of here you have my watercolor-brick wall.

DPP 14 - Saturated Color.  Again using the watercolors I tried to keep it simple yet get those bold colors out there.  When they were dry I added the doodles with a Micron pen.

I hope you're enjoying the little art show. 

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  1. Loving the art show!!!! Once again I am drawn to the black and white simplicity in the one that looks like fish netting! You are inspiring me to try to play more with the simplicity of black on white!


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