Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 35 - 43

DPP 35 - Documenting Markers, Pens & Pencils.  I chose to document two sets of black fine markers that I have.  A 4-piece set of Staedtler Pigment Liners and a 6-piece set of Micron Pigmas.  The purpose of documenting these art supplies is to use them as a reference when you are creating, be it for color selection, line thickness, finished appearance or some other quality.

DPP 37 - Block Letters.  I'm pretty sure that I did this prompt on September 11th.  Thus the message in my block letters.

DPP 38 - Color Grid.  I picked out most of the blues and some greens from my Prismacolor pencils and gridded them up.  Just straight coloring, no blending and you can see how the poor quality of the index card paper is evident in the coloring.

DPP 39 - Paint Lines.  Recently I had picked up a set of nail art brushes and used one of the finest flexible ones to paint these lines of watercolors.

DPP 40 - Create a List.  So I was truly a copy cat and used this picture by nyang nyang as my inspiration.  I elongated the cat bodies so I could write my list in between them.  

DPP 42 - Hand Lettering.  This was done the day I found out that my tooth was cracked and had to have it removed.

DPP 43 - Brainstorm!  I really liked the way this pumpkin came out.  It was quickly drawn and colored in with my SU Blendabilities (alcohol markers).  I used the "segments" to brainstorm things we could or wanted to do that weekend.

Ooosh, I didn't realize how much black and white was in this series.  

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