Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lunar Eclipse

So my excuse for the blurry pictures is that I didn't have my tripod - it's at the condo, but I didn't want to not attempt to get a picture of it since HWNSNBP woke me up early enough.  

We couldn't see the moon from the house, even from the second floor because of all the trees.  I knew I had a little time to find a spot nearby with an unobstructed view before it was over and before HWNSNBP had to leave for work so I quickly got in the car and drove a little ways down the road to a dead end street in the industrial park near us - some high ground.   I tried very hard to use the side view mirror of the car to steady my hand while taking the pictures, and really, when you look at them in the little screen on the camera, you can't tell that they are blurry until you download them in their normal size.    

Once the earth totally blocked the moon that was it for pictures as those trees were now obscuring it and I really needed to get back home.  The moon did not appear red as I looked at it without the camera.  It was only when I zoomed in on it that the color appeared.  


  1. It was sure a beautiful moon!

  2. I totally missed it -- so thank you for sharing!

  3. Just gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!!!!

  4. Great photos, Lorraine! Blurry or not, I'm so glad you shared them!


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