Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 1-7

On Monday I go back to work full time.  I've been in for 1/2 days for two weeks per doctor's orders and adjusting to my work life again.  I have a new chair being delivered tomorrow that has more support and should make things a little more comfortable.  After not being able to sit without pain from the end of May to mid-August, I am going to make sure that when I do sit I am not doing further harm.  But enough about that.  What I wanted to share, and it's taken me about three weeks to get these photographed, is a Daily Paper Prompt that I did from August until the end of September.  There were a little more than 60 prompts and I did manage to complete most of them.  You can do this too and start at any time.  The Daily Paper Prompts are found on the Daisy Yellow Blog.

If you've been here before you might remember that I did something similar starting in June.  That challenge also came from the Daisy Yellow Blog and it was the Index Card A Day.  For that one I used 3 x 5 index cards.  I chose to use 4 x 6 index cards for this challenge and do regret not doing them in an art journal.   Right now they are loose and I need to find a way to keep them together.  I had punched a hole in the 3 x 5's and used a binder ring on those, but I don't want to put holes in these.  I'll have to think some more on that.  But let me get on with it.

DPP 1 - Rainbow.  I used my Derwent Inktense pencils to draw some circular rainbows and then added the black background with my micron pen.

DPP 1 - Windows.  This was my rough watercolor interpretation of what I saw looking through the skylight in our kitchen.  The frame was a requirement of the prompt to make it look more like a window.

DPP 3 - Drips.  I wet the card and then dripped some watercolors down it letting them blend where they wanted to.

DPP 4 - Flowers.  I had been fooling around with highlighters on post-its at one point and decided to try them on this card.  The petals are highlighters with black Sharpie in between.  The background was watercolored.

DPP 5 - Linear.  I happened to have a partial sheet of labels in my work basket and took them and added swirls and scribbles of watercolors.  Then I carefully pealed them off randomly and added them diagonally to the card.  I then outlined them with a fine-tip marker to add even more linear characteristics.

DPP 6 - Certification.  I think you can read it and I am a Certified Believer in Flying Pigs.  This was rubber stamped.

DPP 7 - Leftovers.  I am not at all pleased with this one, but I told myself when I started this that I was not going to redo any of them just because they didn't appeal to me after they were done.  This was literally thrown together with scraps of leftovers from some of the cards that I did in the ICAD challenge.  

Well, there you have the first seven.  I'll try to keep each post to 7 cards until I get them all posted.  

This challenge proved to be a lot of fun and kept me occupied during my recovery.  I've been a little spendy buying more art supplies, but one can never have too many art supplies, right?.


  1. LOVE what you did with the Linear prompt! Those labels with the watercolor lines are gorgeous!!!!!

  2. I hope you had a good first full day back at work and are not too tired, Lorraine.
    Sorry for playing catch-up and only commenting once. I really enjoyed looking at all these. My favourites are the window, the sunflowers and the first netting one.
    Pace yourself and don't overdo things catching up in work! And enjoy your new chair.


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