Saturday, October 25, 2014

Daily Paper Prompts 15-24

You'll notice that there are a couple missing prompts.  Just as a note, some of them I chose not to do. The reasons were varied and I needn't go into details.

DPP 15 - Words.  This is words within a word done in markers with some tangling in the background.

DPP 16 - Dictionary Love.  You know I have a dictionary somewhere around here that I brought home just for the purpose of tearing up and using in my art.  But..........I couldn't put my hands on it, so I went with a base of newspaper - the classified section - and then went from there with the watercolors.

DPP 17 - Chandelier.  I looked up some photos of chandeliers on google and found one that I liked and drew it in black marker.  

DPP 20 - The Blues.   This is basically some blue paint chips cut up and rearranged into a pattern.  Then I stamped the letters on the center blocks.

DPP 20 - Stamp a Mandala.  I think this is pretty much a mixture of images from Tiny Tags and one of the small alphabet stamps sets I have.  This was fun.

DPP 23 - Draw a Mandala.  This one is done with a Pigma Micron marker.

DPP 24 - The Simple Plastic Card.  Aha!  Can you guess what was used to get the paint on the paper?   A plastic credit card.  I smeared some turquoise acrylic on the white index card and when it was dry, dipped the side of the credit card in white acrylic and used that to stamp the patterning.

Some of these look a little lacking something to me, but this is an exercise.  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm trying new things and that is good.

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  1. I love the simplicity of the chandelier and the mandala. Gorgeous!!!!


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