Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sharing Their Creativity - Christmas 2013

So where do you think you could find a snowman in a hula skirt and bikini top?  Well, it would have to be south of the equator at this time of the year.  New Zealand actually.  From my blogging friend Sunshine.  Warm wishes are just what we need now.  Temps are dropping way below freezing here! Isn't it the cutest snowman, er snowwoman you've seen!

My friend Dawn in North Carolina sent me this beautifully colored one-layer card.  This really reminds me of the black-capped chickadees that we have visiting the feeders.

My SU Upline Debbie sent me this swing card.  We had the same color scheme going this year it looks like (that card is Bermuda Bay IRL).  Don't you just love the glitter paper highlighting the ornament!

This beauty and the tag below came all the way from Ireland.  My blogging friend Sabrina and I share many interests, one of them being birds.  The detail on both the card and tag just take my breath away.

I am so fortunate to have such creative friends near and far.

And speaking of creativity - these clay projects below, though not for me, were created by our art teacher and our PE teacher at school.  Our art teacher made this and several other beautiful ornaments.  I am in awe of her talent and what she gets her students to do.  I often wish that I had had such gifted art teachers as we have in our school district.  

Our PE teacher comes in early to work in the art room each year creating a gift that he gives his wife for Christmas.  This gingerbread man is awesome, and to put it in perspective, it's about 12" tall.  One of the students even told him that it was "pretty good for a gym teacher!".  And they were so right!

Our Spanish teacher was also working on some secret project in the art room but I didn't get to see them before she took them home.  She had done some small paintings last year that were so pretty.

I'm thinking I might have to start getting up early to go in to school to work on something myself!  Hmmmm, where to start?

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