Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby Bookmarks

Adhesives - check

Tools - check

Cut paper and punched pieces - check

How to make the book - paper is cut and the spine is scored on the back of the paper

Flip it over and use a marker to darken the spine

Now trim (if necessary) and assemble the pieces of the baby

I spent all day two Saturday's ago making babies ;)

And then I took those babies and added them to the bookmarks

They are folded in half and magnetic and on the back of each one is a quote about children and books.

A friend whose daughter-in-law is expecting her first child asked me to make a favor for the baby shower.  Since the mother-to-be is a school librarian and the attendees were also asked to bring a book for the new baby's library, I thought a bookmark would be good.  They don't know the gender of the child yet so it was safe to stay with yellow and green and I had a bunch of this scrapbook paper which worked out well.   

I saw this punched baby holding a cupcake in a photo posted on Pinterest.  There is no source for the photo that I can find so I apologize to the creator for not giving full credit for the baby, but I replaced the cupcake with the book and added my own little face to them.  I thought it would be cute to see the baby reading and added the title of the book "All About Me".

I even managed to repurpose the magnets from some magnetic calendars that our school district handed out 5 or 6 years ago.   The calendars were laminated onto a 5 x 7 magnetic sheet and when they went out of date I salvaged the rest for future projects.   They are just thin enough to cut with a scissor and also keep it from being too bulky.  

I'm happy to report that she really liked them and they were a hit at the shower.  I made a gift card holder using the same papers that I'll post a little later.


  1. I bet they were a huge hit!!!! They are wonderful!

  2. Wow - Lorraine, you really do go the extra mile so often. These are so cute, and a bookmark sounds perfect. I bet you had fun researching and choosing quotes, too!!

    You saw I used the bird dies - they were just perfect and I couldn't have made (wouldn't have made) the card without them. Thank you again.

  3. These are incredibly adorable Lorraine! You have done it again! :)

  4. Thank you for posting on my blog for the pink snowflakes - that is how I found your post of the wonderful baby bookmarks. As a retired school librarian, I am always looking for book related projects and this is wonderful. I am going to have to "borrow" this idea - please?

  5. Irene, feel free to use whatever you like.

  6. Love, these! They are truly adorable!

  7. My girlfriend and I were admiring your baby book marks.. what lot of work but they are so cute! Love your art!!! Donna from Canada(looks like you have a ton of snow where you live..)


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