Monday, January 13, 2014

Handmade Gifts For Me

I've posted all the handmade cards that I received for the holidays and I almost forgot to post these wonderful handmade gifts.  The ornament above, the notebook and little easel below all came from my blogging friend Sabrina.  The bird in the ornament is one of the photos she took of her little robin in Ireland.   If I were to turn the ornament around you would see the robin again on that side.  She cleverly added glitter to make it look like he's standing in the snow.  I love it.  It was a great addition to our tree this year. 

I put this little notebook to use almost immediately so I almost forgot to post it.  Sabrina used some mixed media to create this beautiful seaside scene. 

The cute little creation below is actually done on a little framed canvas.  It's found a place on my desk at work.  Sabrina is always trying new techniques and she participates in many of the creative challenges at Splitcoast.  I am always inspired by what she posts there and on her blog.

Another little gift that I got from my friend J was this cute little handmade button ring that she found for me.  Isn't it sweet?  I'm just looking at that old hand though.  And of course the camera strap that fell into the frame of the picture.  But I wanted to share it nonetheless.  I thought it was such a cute idea to stack those buttons into something so pretty.  

I spent much of the weekend working on a project for friend that I hope to post later this week.  I haven't been able to start my Zentangle book yet and hope to get to that this week also.  Whew!  It's only been 14 days into the new year and already I feel that I'm falling behind on what I want to get accomplished.  I don't know why we think that magically we can change our habits just because the calendar says the new year has begun.    I know how to budget my finances and have learned through the years how to cut corners and how to live within our means, but I haven't been able to learn how to efficiently budget my time.  I always seem to have much more to do than I realistically have time for.  

Maybe I should have chosen the word "prioritize" as my word of the year?  Well, I'll work on that some more.  

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