Friday, March 28, 2008

Tool Talk #3

This is really a catch up post - I was in the throes of working on a project last night when I got a call at 9 p.m. from my son. He had just returned to his apartment after playing basketball and he had injured his foot. He sprained his right ankle about 3-4 weeks ago but was muddling through with it, and in his words.... it was just starting to feel right again. Well, he messed it up again and was in so much pain that he wanted to go to the emergency room. So, I went to get him and took him to the hospital leaving my project behind. That'll be the next post.

But the tool I wanted to tell you about is something that I used to keep with my painting supplies but it is used much the same way when you are rubber stamping. It's a handheld battery operated fan. You know you've probably seen them in the summer months in $ or department stores. Not the misting kind - you'd get a whole other effect from that. Just your regular little pocket fan.

What's that expression - something like "it's about as interesting as watching paint dry"! When you're watercoloring a stamping project, sometimes it's better to let the layers of color dry in between. But if you're impatient - as I am - you can get your trusty little fan out and let er rip! Yes, you can always use a heat gun, but if you're at a class or don't have your heat gun holstered right next to you, the little fan is great. (Helps with the hot flashes too!)

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