Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Baskets

These baskets are really simple (and cute!). You'll need to cut a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half lengthwise so that you have a strip that is now 4 1/4 x 11. Then you will need to cut slits 1" apart and 3 1/2" deep down the length of the piece. (This is the same way as you make Chinese Lanterns but you are using half the sheet of paper here.)

You can see how the slits are cut in this picture. The rest of the materials are a 1 x 10 inch piece of double sided paper scored in half lengthwise, enough straightened scallops (see previous post) to fit the 10 inch length, 3 brads, and 9 inches of ribbon. You can see that I have stamped the Pretty in Pink CS in Purely Pomegranate with Boho Backgrounds.

If you turn your slit piece over, you will need to mark the ends of each slit 1/2 " in from the sides and 3/8" down. Here I have used a post-it (again) as my marking tool. I laid the pattern over each slit and punched a hole with my needle tool. After all the slits are marked in this way, punch the holes with a 1/16" punch (your hole will need to be big enough to accommodate a brad).

Glue the prepared piece together to form a tube - you will be overlapping the two end pieces and will end up with 10 slit pieces.
Starting at opposite sides of the tube, alternate putting the slits on the brad and assemble the bottom of your basket.

Here you see it from the front.

Add your straightened scallops to the 1 x 10" band and adhere that to the top of the basket. Using your slot punch, punch on opposite sides of the band. Slip your ribbon through to make a handle. In the examples above I used brads through the pomegranate ribbon and tied the chocolate chip ribbon with pink satin on the other. As you can see, they are big enough to hold a couple of eggs.

Oh, and you know that Chocolate Chip circle you are left with when you are making the straight scallops - I glued one of those on the bottom of the basket to give it a flatter bottom.


  1. Love these little baskets. Should we do them at the downline meeting? I bet we can make them more SPRING-Y and find something besides eggs in the them. They make great hostess gifts too.

  2. Sure, they're big enough to hold a stamp and a spot, or a cello bag of nuts or candy. Stick in one or two of the "on the go" drink mixes - makes a cute hostess gift.


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