Monday, March 31, 2008

Tool Talk #4

This being the last day of National Craft Month and the last day of March I thought it apropo to include these two tools on my can't live without list. They have a special significance to this day that those of you who know me well will understand and maybe the rest of you will put two and two together.

Let's start with the magnifiers - some call them reading glasses - which I do still keep the sticker on so not to get them confused with the lesser powered reading glasses that I need to read with for the last about 10 years or so. I used to be able to do that detailed work without either pair of glasses, but then - well you know, nothing lasts forever. When I'm at my workspace the glasses are constantly being switched depending how detailed of a project I'm working on. They are definitely needed when cutting and also help when lining things up.

The tweezers, well yes, they're for helping in placing those small cut pieces where they belong and for help in removing the backing on dimensionals and the red sticky tape. Not to mention, always there to help snag that hair or two that seem to pop up on my chin these days - oh yes, it's a nasty trick of nature to turn the hair on my head white and the hair on my chin black, but rest assured the trusty tweezers are never far from reach.

So maybe you've picked out a theme here, maybe not, but the last clue would be to check those numbers on the glass label and know that today two of them became significant in another way (and one of them is not 0).

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