Monday, March 24, 2008

Tool Talk #2

Right now my workspace is on my dining room table. I have lots of light, a clear view of the kitchen and living room (and TV), and Kirby. Kirby is our cockatiel. Kirby is sometimes loud and always dusty. This makes for lots of bird dust on the table at any given time in addition to the normal household dust. I do vacuum every couple of days but vacuuming my workspace is not always easy depending on what stage of what projects I have going on. Swiffer dusters are great, but still they don't get those little bits of paper or whatnot you might have from your work.

This Christmas my husband got me a wonderful little tool - a Dirt Devil Detailer. It's a little - like the size of a heat gun - rechargeable vacuum cleaner that picks up all the Kirby dust and all those little scraps, including the pull off portion of dimensionals and sticky tape. I can do a quick sweep with this little tool before I get started without having to drag out the regular vacuum cleaner. I keep it plugged in on my kitchen counter. It also works well for those errant crumbs on the counters and kitchen table.

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