Monday, March 3, 2008

Post Its and Punches

The tip I have today involves post its and punches (but you probably guessed that from the title!). You see two ovals in the picture on the right. One above the pink post it on the grid paper and one on the bottom of the post it. I had to make the oval on the grid the shape of the item to the right of it for a project I'll share at a later date.

The punched oval is too small to hold in your hand and punch again. So here is a way to do that. Take your punched shape and put it on the sticky edge of a post it. I think you can faintly see the white dots on the oval that show me where I have to punch again to get the shape I'm looking for. This way you can hold the post it in your hand on the non-sticky side and slide the shape into your punch, line it up, and punch away.

This is just one example. You can do this also on your scallop punch. By rotating the scallop punch slightly, your scallops become pointy giving you a totally different shape.

Without the sticky note, you wouldn't be able to line that scallop up.

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