Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Hero

If you've ever gone to a craft show or any kind of show where there are vendors you know that they display their wares on and around tables and display set-ups. This past week, when my husband and I attended the Philadelphia flower show there was no shortage of vendors with such displays. We happened upon a little stand that had many cute things and I was attracted to this trellis. The gentleman in charge of the stand noticed my interest and told me that they had more trellises and even pointed to another one in the display. When I finished browsing the stand (with a couple of things already in my hand) I motioned to my husband and pointed out the trellis telling him the price. He said "go for it" so I did. We told the gentleman in charge that we wanted the trellis and pointed to the one that I first set eyes on. He told my husband to have me pay for it and he would go and get another one out of "the back" - the back being some storage room in the convention center.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this, not because I thought he might not come back, but I wondered what he would come back with. What would this new trellis look like? Would I like it as much? But I paid for my items and we waited.

The man came back with the trellis and handed it to my husband and walked away. Now, it wasn't a great expense, but it was $35 and I wanted to check it out before we walked away with it. The trellis that he brought out looked basically the same, although the points of wear were in different places and the paint was of a slightly different color. My husband could see that I was not really thrilled with this one and said that he would take care of it. So he went over to the gentleman in charge and told him that we would really rather have the one from the display. I could see that there was some exchange of words but I couldn't hear them. He did proceed to fish the one I wanted out from the display and my husband came over to me.

As we were walking away I told him that I had watched was happening and that I knew that words had been exchanged and asked him what was said. He told me that the man said to him "you know, there's no difference - they're all alike" and he told him "just the same, that's the one she wants."

You have to understand that I'm sure that he could not tell the difference between the two of them, and that he probably didn't care if there was a difference, but the fact that he said that I should have the one that I wanted meant a lot to me. I can't wait until we can find the right place for this trellis in the yard and plant something (hopefully that the deer will not eat) around it.

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