Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Duh Moment and a Sad Moment

Do you know how many times I have picked up a marker to use the brush end and pulled the cap off and it wasn't the brush? Well, I know that there is a little picture there and it still takes a little time picking up the marker, rolling it around in your fingers to find the picture and then taking the cap off. Try that when your adding several colors to a stamp! If you were working with these markers and you needed only to use the brush end could you find it by just looking at them as they are sitting in the picture? The top one would be the quickest to find - the other two, not so much. But wait, there is a way to tell at a glance even when that little brush picture is not visible. Look at the white rings. The brush end has a thicker ring than the fine point does. Thus the duh moment.

The sad moment is having to use this sympathy card. My son's friend and ex-girlfriend's father passed away suddenly yesterday. I did not know the father, but the family always treated my son very well even when he stopped dating the sister. I think that it has affected my son also because the dad was only a year older than my husband --- puts it all in perspective, doesn't it. Well, say a prayer for this gentleman who left a wife, 2 daughters, a son and daughter-in-law. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

The card is cased from this card posted on Splitcoast. Mine is a little different - no vellum, different ribbon and sentiment placement. The colors are Wild Wasabi and Blue Bayou. The stamps are French Script, Touch of Nature, and Warmest Regards.

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  1. Thank you, thank you Lorraine. I am so brush tip challenged. I even forget the picture is there to help me find it. My Upline despairs and just shakes her head - LoL! But I bet she never noticed the rings either!! She just seems to know and always pulls the right cap off!

    Great tips. - Jean


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