Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dr. Seuss Day

Green Eggs and Ham - I just love reading that story. The faster the better. And you have to read it with enthusiasm or it just won't do.

The craft for today involves the green eggs, and I apologize, but I don't have pictures, but I think that you will understand just what is involved.

You will need green m&m's and green candy melts (the wafers you buy at Michael's or your candy shop to melt into chocolate molds). You will not need a mold for this. It is very simple.

On a foil lined cookie sheet, place your candy melts. Now, turn your oven on, but don't put the tray in the oven - leave it on top of the stove so the candy will start to get soft. You'll have to determine the temp that's best for you and the place on the stove top where they will definitely soften fastest (mine was set at 350 and I put the tray towards the back of my stove top where the hot air circulates). Be careful not to let them get too soft - unless you like runny eggs!

When you notice that the melts are ..... melting..... take the cookie sheet off the stove top and press or drop an m&m onto each melt so it looks like your eggs are sunny-side-up. (Remember to check which side of the m&m has the printing first!!) Let the melts harden again and then remove them from the foil and package them up.

Nothing like tasty green eggs on Dr. Seuss Day!!!!

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