Sunday, March 9, 2008

Candle Top Paperweights

Here is a way to recycle the lids to those jar candles after the candle has burned out. I prefer to use the lids that are flat, but I suppose you could use the rounded ones if you don't mind a little wobbling.

There are two sizes shown here and the one on the left still has the rubber gasket on it. You have to start by removing that gasket. Just snip it off with a good pair of scissors and discard it.

Next, tie your chosen ribbon around the glass lid and then you'll need to assemble your pieces.
For the smaller lid I have used the 1" and the 3/4" circle punches. You need 10 1" pieces and 6 3/4" pieces. As you can see, I've broken the flower down into 4 layers. The base - which I got by arranging 5 large circles in a flower shape and tracing onto cardstock and cutting out. Then there are two layers of the 1" circles - one layer is flat and the other layer is slightly curled at one end (use your needle tool or a knitting needle to do this). Then there will be a layer of curled 3/4" circles and then the center.

Glue your first layer of flat 1" punches onto the cardstock. You can use snail for this.

Add the next layer of curled 1" circles. Again, you can use snail for this layer.
At this point you'll need to get out your Mono-Multi or some Crystal Effects. Make a pool of the adhesive in the center of the last layer and then add your 3/4" curled petals so they are standing up and overlapping slightly.
Take your last 3/4" petal and curl it tightly and add it to the center of the flower.

I've used sticky strip on the top of the rim to adhere the finished flower.
This flower was done using SU's Berry Bliss Designer Paper, Pomegranate CS, and sticked Pomegranate ribbon.

This larger paperweight was made using the 3/4" and the 1 3/8 " punches.
I saw these flowers on the website listed below and wondered what could I do with them. Then I remembered the candle lids that I had been saving to do something with sometime and thought that they would make a nice paperweight. What do you think?

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