Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Post-It Tip - "Look Ma, No Hands"

I have so much to fit into these next two days before the work week begins again. I have goodies to deliver, cleaning (blah) to do, and I haven't even started my Easter projects. While I'm cleaning (blah) today I'm also going to have to try and locate the goodies that bought for Easter and hid and try and remember what I was going to do with them. So, that's why you're getting a tip today instead of a project.

When you need to cut or trim a piece of paper and it is too narrow for you to hold down on your paper cutter with your fingers, take a post-it note and attach the paper or cs to your cutter, line it up, put down the bar, and drag the blade.

I wasn't going to post a picture because there was so much crap, um I mean scrap on the table that I have my big cutter on I didn't want to have to clean everything to take a picture, but after reading my tip myself I thought it might be confusing with just words so here you go -

Got out the portable cutter, but you can see the pink piece of paper was just a little too wide for what I needed it for and I would not have been able to hold it down with my fingers and keep it from moving while pulling the blade down. So I took the yellow post-it (but you can use whatever color you like) and used it to anchor the pink cs to the cutter. Now it won't move. And the post-it is thin enough so you're not cutting through something too thick for the blade.

I know what some of you are probably thinking - why not just cut another piece from a bigger sheet - and to that I say, why not use up what I have in scraps because someday I might need that bigger piece. But seriously, if you are at a workshop and you only have limited supplies, you have to make the best with what you have so keep a couple of post-its stuck to your portable cutter just for such emergencies.

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  1. That is a clever idea! I noticed you are using a rotary paper cutter. I don't know about the model you are using, but I have a Rotatrim paper cutter that has a clamp, much like the plastic strip on your cutter, that does a good job of holding the paper in place while it is being cut.


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