Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Jingle Belles - Look What Santa Brought Me

The Jingle Belles have asked us to share what Santa brought us this year.  Santa, in this case, took a detour through Ireland to get here courtesy of my blogging friend Sabrina.  She sent me this poinsettia die for Christmas and I love it.  

There are so many variations of poinsettias these days.  I really like the pink and white speckled ones so that's what I tried to create here.  I used some Atelier ink and water to color my white cardstock. When it was dry enough, I used the new die to cut out the poinsettias.  There are actually three layers of petals on each flower.  

The background paper is striped and not layered.  I added some gold twine loops behind each flower.

The actual flower on the poinsettia is the yellow portion in the center.  The colorful petals are modified leaves.  They are part of the spurge family and have a sticky sap which can be irritating to the skin.  I think I'm going to need a special box for this card because it will definitely not make it in an envelope especially with the luck I've been having so far these past couple of months with mailing cards.

So why not join me as I wander over to the Jingle Belles to see what Santa brought everyone else.  Just click here.  


  1. That is just beautiful. And I know it will have taken time, with all that shaping. I got one made, which I had intended to use on a tag for you, and it disappeared on my desk. You'd wonder how something that dimensional could disappear, but even with much searching in December, I only found it last week. I love the colours you used...and the background and the gold. I did know that only the centre was the flower, but I didn't know about the sap.

  2. love those precious pinks!

  3. such a beautiful card and a great use of the new poinsettia die! i cannot believe the paper is just stripes they are the perfect arrangement to highlight the flowers... i really did think you spent lots of time on layering lol! thanks for joining our JINGLE BELLES fun this fortnight! ♥♥♥

  4. love that trio of gorgeous blooms ... so very glad you joined us at Jingle Belles.


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