Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scribble Picnic - QUILTS

We're supposed to bring QUILTS to the picnic this week.  I don't have a scribbled quilt but I do have a paper quilt.  Well, the start of a paper quilt with the help of a new Neat and Tangled die.  I die cut a few different colors and played with possible combinations knowing that I wanted the green as my background. 

And I decided that I wanted the blue as the framework.  

Because I was going to add this watercolored stamped image.

And then I added some yellow.
And more blue.  

I decided to stay totally away from the lavender and pink and I haven't glued anything down yet so can you help me decide which looks best - A, B, or C so I can finish this quilt card?  Choosing colors was always the problem I had when making a quilt.  I think I spent more time in the fabric store trying to make up my mind.  There are just so many patterns and colors to choose from.  I thought it would be simpler using non-patterned paper for this.  

And now I have all the other colors I can use, along with some patterned papers to make some more quilted cards.  There is a bonus in that.

Speaking of bonuses - there are more quilts to check out over at Michael's Scribble Picnic.  Time to stop by and visit.  You can too by clicking here.  And should you care to join in next week the theme is PICKET FENCE.  


  1. What fun! I think I like A, then C, best!

  2. I am drawn to B, nice work so far!

  3. Oh my, Lorraine, you are so creative with paper - would never have thought to make a paper quilt - just beautiful! Anyone receiving such a fabulous greeting card will be so lucky - it will definitely be a keeper! I really like C - and that has to be the 'bluebird of happiness'.

  4. Wow ... they are all beautiful and what an awesome idea. Unique, to say the least. I choose the last one. It is exquisite and whoever receives that card from you will be thrilled. I am soooo impressed :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Those are really cool Lorraine :) I like "B" the best :)

  6. My preference is "C"! What a fascinating die, and so many combinations! I think this die would be great to make a Christmas quilt with! Red and green, blue and silver, or maybe white and many colours! Have fun:-)

  7. I'm voting for 'A' - I like the more simple look.

  8. OH, it's wonderful to see how it's done...nice paper quilt, Lorraine! They are all lovely but I'm leaning towards B. I have found colour wheels very useful when selecting complimentary and harmonious colours. I imagine it would be made all the more difficult when choosing different patterned fabrics to match in a quilt. Fun though.

  9. Wow, you made that? Amazing! I love it/them, Lorraine. FABULOUS job! What a brilliant entry and I so love it when someone makes something for our picnic....aside from snacks, that is. :)

    For depth and offsetting the bid piece, C works best but for less competion and a a little more cohesive, B works best so, really, it's up to you but that is my take as a designer. :)

    Super wonderful post, Lorraine. so enjoyed your write up to and the photos to show the various stages. Very clever indeed.

    P.S. I have an idea--how about if on B you added a small light pink circle or diamond in the green ones, allowing most of the green to show. It would be a good tie in to your flowers or the rose specifically.

  10. So hard to choose. They are all so nice, but I do really like C. And I’m also drawn to A where I think the eye focuses more on the watercolour.

  11. Interesting to see what different people like. C first for me, definitely, followed by B. For me, because the flowers are small, the large spaces in A don't work, and C brings the little green squares closest to matching the scale of the leaves. It's always a dilemma with that type of die, working out what combination to go for! But at least there's usually the bonus of several cards for the price of one at the end of it all.

  12. You're probably long done with this by now, but I like B best.


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