Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jingle Belles - Spirit of Christmas Past

I absolutely think I spend more time looking for things than I do creating.  When I saw this prompt (2 weeks ago mind you), I remembered that I had come across some vintage Christmas postcards that I thought would be perfect.  So in some spare moments I poked around hoping to find where I had so cleverly put them so that I would know exactly where to look for them.  Sometime during that search I became aware of the theme for Scribble Picnic this week (watering can/s) and I knew I had a picture of a collection of watering cans that I had taken a few years back.  So that search kind of overtook me and I spent several hours going through all my picture files looking for it.  (To say that I have such a vivid memory of stopping to take that photo was driving me nuts that I couldn't find it.)   Jump forward to today when I realized that I never found the postcards and I hadn't done my card yet.  

Scrambling around in the stamp cave I did come across this digital scene that I feel embodies the vintage theme.  I had to fussy cut it out wanting to keep those pretty holly leaves and berries intact.  And then I decided it looked a bit flat, in color that is.  So I took a gold paint marker and went over all the gold lines in the leaves, berries, and star.  But it still needed a little punch.  

Velveteen red paper was my first choice for the background, but it was not to be found.  Luckily this shiny red, silk-like paper fell out of the pile.  Okay, so it's a little plain, but IRL it looks a lot more luxurious.  Still thinking it needed something, I hit the ribbon bins and came up with the holly and berry ribbon that is bordered in gold.  Two little loops at the top was all that I had time for, but I think that's all it needs.  Except for the metallic gold trim that I also found in the ribbon bin.  It's very spring-like and does remind me of the metallic decorations on old Christmas ornaments.  I'm just hoping that it will not rust from the glue, which you might notice is not entirely dry.  

So when I finally do come across those postcards again (which will probably be tomorrow) I am going to put them in the box with all the finished cards that I have for this year.  Something I probably should have done to begin with.  

Now, I must head over to the Jingle Belles to check out all the other lovely vintage goodies. Please join me by clicking here


  1. well i'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for... (& believe me, i GET THAT more than i wish i did, lol!) ...but it certainly seems like you found EXACTLY what you needed to make the most glorious vintage card imaginable!!! so of course i'm thrilled that you made it for JINGLE BELLES! ♥♥♥ (ps: if you find my marbles, can you put them back in the jar please, lol?!) :) :) :)

  2. What a beautiful Vintage Chrstmas card! I love the gold trim around the picture!
    I hope you find the pictures you were looking for - I SOOOOOOO know the feeling of searching for something that you absolutely KNOW you have but can't find!! Drives you nuts and you become totally OBSESSED with finding them!! Good Luck!
    Enjoy the day:-)

  3. If I had all the minutes back that I spent looking for things, I'd have another life, so I feel your pain ... absolutely lovely vintage image ... so glad you joined us to celebrate Christmas PAST at Jingle Belles.

  4. Great vintage look. The combination of the foliage and the ribbon is beautiful.


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