Monday, April 16, 2018

Mini Scrap Collages - 78-84/365

EDITED - I thought I was being creative using the tan tissue paper behind these, but the camera would edit the colors as the picture was taken as you might have previously noticed from the variance in the tissue color.  The lighting was always the same as was the distance and I tried to make edits to them to get them to appear more like what they really looked like.  However, when I pulled up this post on my work computer today I was horrified at the way they looked.  So, I decided to retake the photos with a white tissue background and I am more pleased with them now.  So sorry if this shows up in your feed more than once, but I think you might appreciate them more now as I can actually tell that there are some papers with texture and everything is not dayglo!


  1. My favourite is the sand dollar...with the little red flower it reminded me of a cactus. You must be really using up a lot of saved scraps on these.

  2. Very nice Lorraine! I love the butterflies and your tea kettle! :)

  3. This time my favourite is the second one. Not easy to pick though!


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