Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Scribble Picnic - PAJAMAS or PYJAMAS

This week's theme for the Picnic is Pajamas or Pyjamas.  (My computer spellcheck feature underscores pyjamas but it also underscores words like colour and theatre and favourite which are not wrong but just spelled differently depending where you're from.)

Now I like a good "pajama day".  What's that? you might ask.  That's where you know you're not going out anywhere, the weather is usually bad, and you stay comfortably in your pj's all day.  It might involve taking a little "bird bath" and keeping those jammies on, or showering up and putting on a fresh pair.  Hygiene aside - however you're comfortable is fine.  I've had a couple of pajama days this winter coinciding with the snow days we had off from school.  Below is a picture of my grandson his mom sent me from his pajama day he had when daycare closed because of snow.  Doesn't everyone wear boots over their jammies when they Swiffer the windows?  (He LOVES sweeping!)

Initially I thought I would try to recreate that scene, but, falling short of time as I usually do I opted to go another direction.  

When I was substitute teaching, I often was called to the lower elementary school - grades K-2 at the time.  I loved working with the younger children.  Every sub has their favorite age group I'm sure.  I once did a long-term sub assignment for the vocal music teacher.  One of the songs that she had me work on with the youngest students was "Bananas in Pajamas".  After being there for a couple of weeks, it became quite an "earworm" - that and the second-graders singing "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus".  

I must admit that I did not know that this was a cartoon of sorts.  I just thought it was a kid's song.

I don't sub anymore, I've been working in the office for 14 years now.  Amongst my duties is updating attendance.  This is our late sign-in sheet for today.  The second student has been late a few times in the last month or so and every time his dad cracks me up with the reasons.  "Sock wars" today.  One day it was "procrastinating" and the boy gave him a look like "really?"  Dad just shot back at him with, "well, it's either that or dilly-dallying"  you choose".  

Below that, a grandma came in with her twin grandsons and she looked like she'd been through the mill.  Reason - dog ran away.  Poor grandma had to help the boys round up the dog and they missed the bus so she had to drive them to school.  I felt bad because I think she was still in her pajamas!

Time to see the Pajama fashion show at the picnic.  


  1. Oh I LOVE my pajama days! They are the most comfortable I own! And yes, so good to wear on those days when it's either pouring with rain, or snow in your case, and you know you aren't going to get any visitors...and then they arrive!! I've been caught out like that before! I think we should have an International Pajama Day where you can where them out!
    So much fun:-)

  2. Poor grandma, great story to go with our theme! Your piece is fantastic Lorraine, as is that cute photo of your grandson.

  3. I love your bananas, that's very cute! And your little grandson is adorable! I want to wear my rubber boots when I Swiffer now too, he looks very cool! ;)

  4. What a cutie in his pj's and boots..Love that age.
    Your cartoon bananas in pajamas is just to cute too.

    I love the reasons for being late...creative father..haha

  5. Your grandson is absolutely adorable! He can come and swiffer my house anytimne! Have to love the sock wars excuse.

  6. The quote is usually "out of the mouth of babes", but in this case it was out of the mouth of the parent or grandparent as the case may be. You must have a million stories to tell, I would love to hear them all ... maybe we will over time :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Your Grandson is too cute 'Swiffering' away in his boots. Is Swiffer an actual word there? I've never heard it before.

    Great take on the theme, Lorraine! Being an Aussie, I should have thought of 'Bananas in Pyjamas' as they are a big hit here...they have their own Australian show on the children's' TV channel — not just book characters. They call each other B1 and B2. The kids love them. I have sketched them before — some years back — when a children's hospital here had a life-sized display of B1 and B2 in the foyer.

    I laughed out loud reading the father's excuses and the son's response. haha Poor Grandma though.

    We have the occasional Jammie day in winter...I always freshen up first too. It's so comfy just lazing about in our jammies all day. We usually watch movies. :)

  8. One never knows what they'll hear at school. Thanks for sharing these snippets. Sock wars–very apt description I'm sure!

    Well done on the bananas in pajamas!

  9. It must have been really fun with the little ones.
    I like that...... either that or dilly-dallying

  10. Pajamas and boots . . . the perfect way to swiffer windows I think! He is adorable and at such a fun age! I haven't had myself a good pajama day in some time . . . you have motivated me to do something about that! Love your late sign in sheet . . . makes me miss your old school blog!

  11. Oh, that photo is adorable!
    Love the excuses - I can remember some similar ones from when my dad was in charge of late notes for a couple of years - although being a senior school it was entirely up to the students to give their own excuses.

    I'll pass on looking up bananas in pyjamas in case I get earwormed, but they certainly inspired a cute scribble.

  12. p.s. My grammar check doesn't like either icecream or ice cream - what's a gal to do?

  13. Oh my gosh, Lorraine, what a fun read! I love it. And those excuses are hilarious as well as noting grannie in her pajamas.

    As for spelling, yes, English tends to be little truer to the original and so will have "Tyre" instead of "tire" too and such. Sometimes I forget which is which, unless ones with a u or no u.

    I think the show came about after the song...but now you;ve got me wondering. I was so hoping someone would take this one on and you did a fab job with it too.

    Loved it. Thank you.

  14. Oh, I wanted to add one more thing-- I used to LOVE watching my kids in their onesie pj's all day. So cute, and yes, in the winter with boots, much like your grandson there. :) Me on the other hand, I haven;t worn pjs all day or a good portion of it since a ttenager except for those times I was deathly ill. I love to get up and after shaving etc, change into fresh clothes. ha, I even wear shoes if it;s up to me, even if just staying indoors.


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