Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jingle Belles with a Dash of Festive Friday

Our Jingle Belles challenged us to make a card for a winter holiday not Christmas.  My go-to sentiment for a holiday card intended for someone you're not sure celebrates Christmas is "PEACE ON EARTH"  or just "PEACE".  Rachel always asks me to make her cards that can go to anyone.  I took my inspiration from the Festive Friday Challenge photo below.

I love this image from Comfort & Joy and embossed it and the sentiment with black EP.  I wanted a very crisp look to it.  

I added a silver foil snowflake under the sentiment to match the embossing in silver I did for the background using my Amuse Starry Night background stamp.  The ribbon was a last minute find at Michael's last week.  

I have been able to do a few little "shopping" trips but I'm finding shopping is a little tricky.  I get a cart because I shouldn't be carrying a basket in case it gets too heavy, but then I find that I can't get the items out of the cart if I put them in the basket part because I'm not allowed to bend yet.  So either I remember to use the kiddie seat for my items or, since I'm still not driving, text my driver to come in and help me check out (if they're not in the store with me already).  And then there's the items that are on the lower shelves.  I pretty much am ignoring them.  And heaven forbid that I have a case of fumble-fingers and drop something on the floor. I hate to be one of those customers that just walks away, but if no one is around I have no other choice.  But you learn to make your accommodations.  Now if I could just remember not to twist from side-to-side when looking at the shelves!  As my PT says "your nose points where your toes point"! 

Don't forget to visit the Jingle Belles and Festive Friday blogs to see what everyone else has cooked up this week.   


  1. sorry to hear your nose-n-toes pointings are still indivisible, missus! ack! on the other hand, clearly your mojo is completely UN-affected... this is utterly ♥GLORIOUS♥ and as you say, could be given to absolutely ANYONE (but seriously... aren't you a teeny bit tempted to keep it for yourself?!) :) :) :) thanks for JINGLING along with us this fortnight!!! ♥

  2. Love that fabulous bird-of-peace ... it's my go-to-theme too ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. This is so pretty - love all the shimmery silver! So glad you joined us at Festive Friday!

  4. Oh, how pretty…and festive with the touch of silver! Thanks so much for joining us at Festive Friday!!!

  5. Those background stars are such a sweet and pretty touch!!!! Sorry your shopping trips are so difficult right now :( hopefully you will continue to heel and fumble-fingers won't plague you! :)


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