Friday, August 1, 2014

ICAD 2014 - To the End

July 26 - Turquoise.   I had a card that had been swiped with turquoise acrylic paint waiting to be used.  I used Bermuda Bay ink on the stamped images and found that when I stamped full strength it really bled into the acrylic.  That is why I then took a micron pen and overwrote the sentiment and the largest dandelion blossom and blown seeds.   

July 27 - Carousel.  So I took a little creative liberty with this and turned it into Carowl Sel and her story.

July 28 - Zebra.  An art poster I pulled out of a school catalog along with some samples of zebra striping which I just extended.

July 29 -  I didn't want a drawn angel but rather looked for a quote that could speak to all the angel friends that I've had at late wishing me well through this Pain in My Ass summer.  I said that I didn't want this injury to define my summer but it doesn't seem to be working out that way.  We still have a way to go I guess. 

July 30 - Astronaut.  Meet the crew from Pigasus 3.  They have just taken off on their astronautical mission to boldly go where no pig has gone before.

July 31 - Thread.  I received a package in the mail today from Poland.  It was something little that I had ordered from Etsy but the stamps were so pretty and the box inside was wrapped with some brown twine I just had to use that for today's wrap up.  I layered a couple of pieces of tea bag paper on the index card first - whip stitching them in place then added all the other stitching and stamps.

I thought those stamps were pretty cool although I have no idea what they're representative of.  

So, all in all, I think this was a pretty good experience.  I've tried some things I'd not tried before, including products and techniques.  I'm also pretty proud that I got it done on time despite the physical challenges that I've had.  

Time to find something else to explore my creativity with.  Anyone know of any good challenges out there?

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  1. Pigasus 3 made me really laugh out loud - what a fun way to use that stamp.
    I think my favourite is the dandelion, the texture in the painted background and the dandelion image are lovely together.
    I'm glad that through all the problems you've had this summer you've still been able to create and hopefully find some distraction from the pain in the creating.
    The stamps are odd, aren't they? I can't help thinking of Charlie Brown when he put a bag over his head and went to summer camp with it.


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