Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So What Do You Do All Day When You Can't Sit?

Well, I don't do this all day, but I can color........ in snippets of time.........standing and sometimes sitting until I can't anymore and then I jump up like a Jack-in-the-box and walk around and come back in a little while.

My friend Sabrina gifted me this beautiful stamp and actually, I have been working on coloring several of them for a while now.  No sense just doing one and I'll keep one image for myself so I know what colors I used.  The image that came with the stamp used more muted colors, but I guess I just went crazy picking out my pallette.  

By the way, this is all colored with Prismacolor pencils and a blending pencil - no chemical blending this time. The seagulls are from a set of IO dies and I futzed around with some twine to give it a nautical look, but not too lumpy.


  1. Certainly no sign of the twine fraying when it arrived here. I love the bright colours :D.
    Love my blender pen too - it was a minor disaster when I lost it for 4 days during DTGD. And found it underneath the bottom layer in my pencil box, which hadn't been put away properly and then because I wasn't using them without the blender pen, I wasn't paying them any attention.

  2. Such a gorgeous job of coloring!!!!!


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