Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rainbow of Another Sort and an Overdue Share

This was the sunset last night.  It had all the colors if you include the green of the trees and grasses which are still visible in the fading sunlight.  It's so hard to try to edit this kind of picture.  Ideally I would like to get rid of that halo of pink and have it blend more as it did in real life.  But when I look at the computer screen, the intensity of the colors changes as I tilt my laptop screen forward and backward so I'm never really sure what others will be seeing on their computer.  This was untouched with all it's pixels too.   And even when I look at the preview screen, the intensity does change when I tilt the screen, so if it looks washed out, tilt your screen back or look at it from below because it definitely was not a pastel moment but one of vibrant intensity.

As I switch gears - Looking back as I was clearing off my camera card, I realized that I had not shared this card that I made for my blogging friend Sabrina.  Her birthday was in April and I think I was waiting to make sure that she received it before I actually posted it.  Well, I knew some time ago that she did receive it and I was so happy that she loved it.  In actuality, she had sent me the Pig Brothers birdhouse stamp for my birthday and it's perfect for a bird lover AND a flying pig lover!  I just had so much fun coloring that image.  Then I went to town with my embossing folders and dies and even some more stamps to make the little scene to surround those bird houses.  I like to think that the birds (or flying pigs) that take up residence there would be very happy.

Just thinking that I would love to send birthday cards to any of my followers, so if you do follow my blog (see that followers area over on the right) send me your birth date and your address and I'll put you on my card list.  

Okay, on with the weekend activities.  Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Lorraine, that sunset is stunning! I can only imagine what it looked like in person!!!! The card is also adorable!!!! I love all of the texture, vibrant color and the humor :) I'm sure she loved it!!!!

  2. Sunset is beautiful . . . and I tilted the screen to look at it. I tried to take a picture of the moon not long ago and just couldn't capture the beauty of it. Wonderful card!

  3. Gorgeous sunset photo, Lorraine. What a perfect image that Sabrina found for our pig-flying loving friend---LOL! You made a fabulous card with it...great scene work.

  4. I do love the card - it's still up on the bookshelf, though most cards came down some time in July in time for C's birthday (not that he gets all that many cards!).
    I know exactly that problem with editing and the laptop - it's why I prefer, when at all possible, to edit on the desktop. But even then you don't know how yours is calibrated compared to others. Adobe keeps telling me mine is not properly calibrated. Whatever, your sunset looks absolutely beautiful - I think the pink halo really adds to it.
    p.s - one of the little gold paper "scrap" fish you sent me was THE perfect embellishment when I used a fishing Snoopy stamp this week. Thank you!


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