Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Cheater Thank You's and the First Crabs of the Season

One of the casualties of our recent home projects was my natural light floor lamp.  We thought it was just the bulb that blew, but apparently it was not.  So I need to apologize for the crummy pictures taken on the kitchen table under the ceiling light.  I'm still putting things away and have the dining room table covered, trying to decide what stays and what goes, so I haven't set up my photo tent yet.  

The first picture above shows the notecards that I picked up at Mike's some time ago in the $1 bin (or it could have been after they changed the $1 bin to the $1.50 bin, I forget now).  I bought three packs, one in each color, and the packs had 6 notecards in them.  They are actually trifold cards.

I used one of the new stamp sets Polka-Dot Pieces for the flower and butterfly, punched them out and popped them up.

I had a combination of yellow or blue flowers on the yellow or blue cards and the peach butterflies on the green or blue cards.  It's so nice to be thought of as making a difference in the office whether it's to the parents, students, or staff.  I am always touched by their thoughtfulness.

And here's where I take a left turn.  The stage was set on July 4th for the first official crabbing endeavor.  I was not present for this event as I chose to sleep in that morning.  But HWNSNBP was up on the almost-finished dock with his crabbing gear and was joined by a few of our other friends.  They managed to get 7 crabs that morning.  Just enough for crab nachos later in the day.

The crabs are really big for this time of year.  

And just one more thing.  HWNSNBP noticed this cluster of insect eggs on the door when we returned home on Sunday.  I haven't the slightest idea what insect they belong to.  I'm just hoping it's not spiders.  I don't do spiders!

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  1. The cards are so cute. I love the colors. Crab nachos . . . now that sounds good. I will be waiting to hear what that cluster produces - and hopefully not spiders.


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