Monday, July 1, 2013

What I Did Last Week

Sounds like the beginning of a child's journal entry doesn't it?  Well, Friday, June 21 was the last day of school for the teachers and students and the beginning of my first whole week of vacation for the summer.  It was back to work today, but I do have some pictures to share.  

Let's start with a rainbow........

We've had so much rain here in the month of June, it was almost inevitable that there would be a rainbow at some time.  

After attending the shower (see previous post) HWNSNBP and I headed down to the condo for a few days.  The birds were there having already starting the party - well it kinda looks like a party.  They're playing "Capture the Island", one of those pirate games that birds sometimes play.  Wonder if there's buried treasure there?

These glossy ibises seem to have the fix on where the treasure is.  Of course their treasure is not a pirate's booty, but sustenance.  They stayed together in that area for quite some time.  

Later that evening (or maybe it was the next day) the sun left a fireball reflection in the water. (Maybe that's the real treasure?)

One day we took our bikes over to the island for a ride near the lighthouse.  They've been working on this water tower there.  Until recently the scaffolding was covered and from across the bay it appeared that this was some new high rise building.  However, we realized on our last trip to the lighthouse a few weeks ago that they were merely doing work on the water tower.  It was fascinating to see those construction workers working so high up. 

We had a brief trip to Cape May one of the days and returned home in the middle of the week to take care of some business.   It rained almost every afternoon and it's been steamy and uncomfortable.  Like HWNSNBP said, "the triple H brothers have returned - Hazy, Hot, and Humid" and it's only the first full week of summer.  

On our 7-mile bike ride Saturday morning we spotted this guy.  He also spotted us and didn't like the fact that we had stopped our bikes for me to take his picture.  The son-of-a-gun kept moving and as I straddled my bike and tried to move along with him, my bike started to fall and boy, do I have a nasty bruise on my thigh.  But the picture was worth it.  (I like that little bit of Monet-like reflection in the water.)

So today, the first of July was back to work day.  We'll start our summer hours next week, working four 10-hour days and Fridays off until mid-August.  

I've got lot's of catching up to do this month.  I realized that I haven't posted my May tangles yet and it's already July.  (I actually have to finish my June one's this week.)  I really had good intentions to do this daily, but all these "house" projects have really kept me busy as of late.  I hope I will have some energy at the end of those 10-hour days to get some creative things done.  

Happy July!


  1. Happy July to you too, Lorraine! It looks as if you had a lovely holiday week. The long panorama crop of the first photo of the birds is really wonderful. So is the sunset, with the little bit of the reflection in the water. Sorry you had a minor accident taking the last one (white egret?), but it's a fabulous photo and was worth it!
    As for the workers - a great shot, but not for me. Things sure have changed since the days my dad had to order extra scaffolding for us to play on when he was working on the house one summer. Now I sometimes get a sinking feeling if I look down too suddenly over just a very short distance - even walking along the river going in to work.
    Enjoy your summer hours!! I hope your weather improves, too.

  2. I love your bike trips! :) That sunset photo is gorgeous! Sorry the bird didn't cooperate :( The picture is really pretty though! :) Happy 4th of July!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your tangles! :)

  3. Wonderful pictures and I am so glad you had some time off. We are very lucky to have most of the summer off - but I think I could stay busy if I was working. I always bring stuff home and work on it during the summer. That sunset is a treasure! I hope you get a break in the rain soon. I remember that hot humid weather all to well. take care!

  4. Wow -- getting on your bike to go out there is so good for you! I'm really impressed!


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