Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's a Bird, It's a Boop

I am intrigued by this congregation of glossy ibises. They clump so close together when they're searching for whatever it is they're finding in the muck.  They appear early in the morning and then vanish before noon.  And they always seem to be in the shallowest of the water.  

The purple martin house and birds below was down in Cape May a couple of weeks ago.  There is a stretch of poles with these houses on them along one side of the parking lot near the lighthouse.  We were watching as some of the birds entered the gourds, presumably feeding their young.  They will start to migrate soon and we may be traveling to one of the places we were told they gather before they move southward.  (Keeping my fingers crossed for that.)  

Now, the picture below........ on our bike ride Sunday morning I saw this from across the road.  On the way back I thought it was quite unusual that the bird was still in the same place but I stopped and told HWNSNBP that I wanted to take a picture.  "Of what?" he said.  "The bird." said I.  "What bird?"  Clearly by now, with my camera in hand and the lens zoomed in as close as I could get it, I realized that it was not a bird at all, but a flower or part of the plant.  I guess it was wishful thinking.

On Saturday, we did some errands and had lunch at the Stewart's in Tuckerton.  This Stewart's (of the Stewart's Root Beer) is so colorful and fun to eat at.  

We were being watched by Betty Boop as we ate our lunch at one of the checkered tablecloth covered picnic tables under the outside awning.  All the while the oldies were playing in the background.  They're not on roller skates, but the waiters and waitresses will serve you at your car.  It's a little too hot for sitting in a car.

Although, if you look inside this car that was parked behind us.  You might see a couple of mannequins dressed up in the front seat.  Don't you just love the color!!!!

And finally.......  the lifeguard had packed it in for the day at the bay beach.  But there were still people there and I think this seagull was contemplating taking over as the lookout.  

And how was your weekend?


  1. Love seeing all your Jersey sights....makes me smile.

  2. That martin house is amazing - I've never seen anything like it before, and love the contrast between the traditional house and the gourds. Fingers crossed here too that you get to visit one of the departure points before they head off.
    I've seen things I was sure were birds too - you're not alone there.
    What a wonderful all-American looking car. It probably wouldn't even fit on some of our country roads!!

  3. Looks like a fun day! Love the seagull lookout!


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