Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hatchlings and Scraplings

The nest box at school does only have 4 eggs as evidenced on Monday.  But wait..... on Tuesday there was a hatchling.  I haven't been able to check the box since but have witnessed Mrs. Blue making more frequent trips in and out.  While it's still rather hot, the temps have come down some this week, so I'm not fearing as much that they'll be overheated.  

I had good intentions of getting some cards done this week, but before I could start I had to clean up after the last creative session (the wedding card).  I had made a mistake when I was adding the the three embossed panels to the front of the original card and when I tried to fix it by pulling the crooked one off, I tore it so I set that aside and started from scratch.  I had the discarded card front still on the table and some extra pink daisies, some extra purple circles, and some extra pink punched flowers.  I decided to make some scraplings.  Scraplings are cards that are much narrower than a regular card and use, well you probably guess it - scraps.  I added a little banner to these with the word INSPIRE.  Scraplings also make good bookmarks, though these have a half pearl on them so they might be a bit too lumpy for that.  

I have a third one of another design but my camera battery died, so I'll try to post that at a later date.  

On another note, did you know that it's not considered necessary any longer to add two spaces after a period when you type?  I still do out of habit, but apparently when you type on a computer, the computer knows when you come to the end of a sentence and will automatically compensate for that.  I noticed that when I change my paragraphs to be totally justified, that I sometimes get an extra space between sentences because of this.  It becomes particularly noticeable when you see that extra space at the left margin.  I don't think I'll ever be able to remember to stop doing this.  What about you? (See what I mean?)


  1. I hope to see more picks of these eggs and babies as they hatch. How fun to watch. Love your scraplings! I have double spaced at the end of each sentence in this comment and think it will be an awful hard thing to change at my age. LOL have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I am hoping that is just a setting somewhere. I don't think I could get used to putting just one space after a period.

  3. Love your little scraplings and that adorable hatchling! Ooh - just put 2 spaces after my exclamation point! Yup - that habit is going with me to the grave! :)


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