Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shrooms and Balloons

This almost looks like some kind of exotic flower.  Perhaps something crafted from wood shavings. I'm sure that wood shavings or wood dust had something to do with the sudden appearance of these rather large mushrooms in our front yard.  We had some trees removed early in the summer and there were areas where there were wood shavings left in piles too small to pick up, so they just got raked into the soil.  Our front yard is very shady and the grass, or should I say anything green that grows is mostly weeds and moss.  The weeds are regularly mowed, just like a real grass lawn.  And the moss fills in areas where the weeds won't even grow. 

We'd been having some very humid weather last week which must have made the conditions perfect for sprouting mushrooms.  I don't know what these are called and I don't care whether they are poisonous or not not having any small children or animals that might get into them.  Instead I like to admire them while they're around.  There were a few that were already starting to turn black and slimy in the center and I steered away from those. 

We have a fairy ring in the back yard, but have not had any mushrooms in the ring for many years now, though the ring itself continues to grow outward.  These don't appear to be growing in a ring, just randomly near the old tree area.

Sneaking in a quick sunset from Saturday night.  

On Sunday evening friends of ours were fulfilling a bucket list item.  He had recently celebrated his 60th birthday and she gave him a hot air balloon ride as his gift.  The launch had been postponed several times due to weather, but conditions Sunday allowed for a safe trip.

We were invited to the launch and watched while the crew inflated the balloon,

they jumped in, waved good-by, and sailed away.


  1. The mushrooms really are quite beautiful. I often see them growing on fallen wood when we visit Clare, I've always thought there must be something in the rotten wood (same would apply to all your sawdust from the felling) that is ideal nourishment for them.
    And balloons are so photogenic - the last shot is a classic. There's something uplifting about watching them, too - even if you're stuck firmly on the ground.
    C once visited the Canson paper mills in France on business. The first balloon flight was by the Montgolfier brothers, and if you've ever bought any of the Canson papers, their logo is a stylized balloon. Anyway, C was really disappointed that weather conditions weren't suitable for him having a balloon flight when he was there.

  2. How cool! A hot air balloon ride is on my list too!! Beautiful!

  3. We have our share of uniquely-shaped mushrooms in our yard and our woods from time to time. Yours is pretty cool. Beautiful sunset photo. I wish I were brave enough to take a hot air balloon ride. They look like so much fun, but, alas, I allow my fear of heights to over rule such an adventure. sigh. I hope you are well!

  4. Those mushrooms are beautiful - as is your sunset photo. We have a couple of fairy rings at school - love them. I am not sure if I could do a hot air balloon or not . . . but they are so fun - even if just to watch from the ground.

  5. Hi Lorraine, Thanks for stopping by to say hello. It looks like your summer is going well. What fun to launch an air balloon. They are just so beautiful! Your blackberries look like they are ready for a pie, my favorite variety! Enjoy the rest of your summer. Elizabeth


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