Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Birds at Barnegat Light

First -  a quick thank you card for a co-worker based on the view from the ocean to the lighthouse.  Stamps used are from the new set Wetlands and my Barnegat Lighthouse stamp.  Background was colored using the direct-to-paper technique.

Last week we ventured out to the lighthouse and walked along the side of the jetty to the ocean.

Laughing Gulls losing their summer plumage and a juvenile on the right.

Oyster Catcher (Sabrina, if you see this, check out the banding.  I would never had noticed it without a close up and your post from the other day.)

Ring-Bill Gull letting the Ruddy Turnstone below steal his lunch.

A very determined, and possibly very hungry, Ruddy Turnstone.

Royal Terns
These Royal Terns took me forever to identify.  We don't recall having ever seen them before.  They remind me of either Groucho Marx or Bozo the Clown with that wild black crest and the orange beak.  

Semipalmated Plover

It took us an hour to get from the lighthouse to the beach.  There was shell picking to be done and the birds were being most photogenic.  Thankfully it was a cool day with a little cloud cover and a very nice breeze.  It took much less time to get back to the car.

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  1. Beautiful card. I have been loving that bird stamp - but I just got something very similar on eBay to keep me more than happy. I like the torn edge and the bands of sponging.

    A laughing gull is new to me - and those terns! The smaller picture looked wonderful enough, but then when I clicked on it and saw their crests clearly, it made me smile so much. Laughing at your hungry turnstone. I saw a gull catching a crab the other day at low tide, but only a little teensty one compared to that.
    I wonder if there's somewhere you can look up ringing codes? Although I suppose you can't see it properly in the photo. The site I used is just for European ringing projects - but even on that there are four different links for oyster catchers with yellow rings!
    I also really love the last photo with the plover - the broken shells on the sand really make the picture. I can see why it took you some time to get from the lighthouse to the beach, but I am sure you enjoyed every minute of it.


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