Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Make No Mistake........

Secret Project for the first day back for the staff.  

Ingredients: colorful pencil cap erasers (with smiley faces drawn on), pencils (preferrably sharpened), tab punch, bird punch, and 1/2" hole punch. red ink and sponge, ivory and green cardstock, Tombow glue.

Print out - "Make No Mistake - We're Glad You're Back! Have a Great Year!" onto ivory cardstock.  Use tab punch to punch out what hopefully passes for an apple core.  Take sponge and daub red ink on top and bottom of punched core using another punched scrap as a mask.  Punch 1/2" circles in top and bottom.  Leaves are the wing from the build a bird punch, gently scored and glued slightly askew from the top hole.

Put eraser caps on pencils - face pencil branding to the back.  (Don't they look so happy!)

Slip apple punch onto pencil.  

Fill bottoms of 4-pk. drink carrier with cupcake liners and fill with pencils to carry to school.

Place one pencil in each staff member's mailbox.

I found the eraser caps at the Dollar Tree while on vacation.  They fit into my color coding scheme for the mailboxes.  Pink for 4th grade, green for 5th, blue for SPED, yellow for special subjects, and orange for support staff.  

I saw some smiles today - made it worth the effort.


  1. So cute! I'm sure they appreciate it!!!!

  2. These are wonderful . . . and they go with your color coding!!!! Have a great year!

  3. How thoughtful! Those are cute!


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