Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Birthday

Since I was born in 1955 there have been three instances of Easter and my birthday falling on the same day and this year was the latest.  The first time I turned 36 in 1991.  In 2002 I turned 47.  And this year, 2013, I turned 58.  The next time my birthday and Easter will fall on the same day will be in 2024 and I will be 69.   After that, March 31st and Easter will not fall on the same day until 2086 and I am sure that I will not be celebrating that one on Earth.  

I also find it interesting that my youngest brother Michael's birthday, which is April 20th occurred one year after mine in 2003 and will occur next year, again one year after mine, and in 2025 which will be the year after my 69th birthday.  But enough about my KOOKiness.

Celebrating Spring is coming in dribs and drabs.  There are crocuses out and the daffodils are just opening.  (Note that these crocuses are now encircled with wire fencing as the deer are finding them a tasty addition to their diet.)

The goldfinches are taking on their brighter coloring - another sign of the changing seasons.  The make such a happy sound when they're gathered around the feeder.

And I had to share this wonderful handmade card that I received from my friend Sabrina.  It just takes my breath away.  (Please click on it to see the beautiful detail in her coloring.)

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter and that Spring is finding it's way to you.  

(The first picture is of some nugget holders that I made for the holiday.  I used a Picture Show stamp that you see partially in the punched out oval.  Yes, it is a bunny riding on the back of a chick!)


  1. Happy Happy Happy belated Birthday Lorraine!!!! I hope the coming year is filled with love, happiness, peace, creativity and inspiration!!!!! xoxox!!!!

  2. Your goldfinches are so bright and colourful - it must lift your spirits to see them.
    Strange that you had an Easter birthday every 11th year just for those four times. I wish I had the sort of brain that could understand the mathematics behind that. I hope it was a lovely weekend for you!

  3. Well, happy belated birthday! I love how you know which years your birthday will fall on Easter Sunday! It's nice to have some variety in life!


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