Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White Elephants

Saturday morning my "boxman" and I ventured out to the annual Rescue Squad White Elephant sale.  Though we arrived at about 8:50 there was already a considerable line of people braving the almost freezing temperatures, waiting for the door to open at precisely 9:00.  There was no mad dash or pushing, but an orderly procession in the door, past the stacks of boxes, and into the main room lined with rows of tables covered with community cast-offs just waiting to be found as treasures yet again.  One had to look carefully both on the tables and beneath as there was much to choose from.  

The first look was at the table with glassware and the like.  I have a fondness for blue and white and therefore these three serving pieces we carefully put into the box, their purchase to be thought about as we continued our trek.  There were three dinner plates stacked along side of them, but they were chipped and since there were only three I let them sit on the table for someone else to find. 

The little blue bottle vase and the wire teapot were found next, and the bunny was in someone's hand when it caught my eye.  I found myself willing her to "put it down" though she was telling her compadre that it would be perfect for *****, then she thought twice - or fell under my spell - and put it down.  I sashayed around her and swiftly lifted it without making eye contact with the other two shoppers, and calmly kept going.  (I may paint her, or add a real fabric skirt and the teapot will most likely at some point hold a floral arrangement or perhaps an assortment of tea or candy.)

The boxman tried to follow me, diligently holding the chosen vessel for our treasure hunt whilst we both were jostled and cut off by other treasure-seeking shoppers.  There came a point when we became separated, he filtering to the front of the room, me to the back.  A glance across the room to find each other and a nod from me to tell him to stay there as I was nearly done with my perusal of the book and craft corner with no lucky find.  He looked a bit distressed just standing there, I felt I could not take more time searching for an old atlas or any book that held maps.  That would have to wait for another time.

On my way back to him I spotted the quartet of angels.  They are little pastel beauties that look quite a bit washed out as pictured in the sunlight, but they will serve as little gifties when needed.  At 50 cents each, I could not leave them overlooked on the shelf.  

My final sweep was fraught with indecision.  There were three of each of these items.  I knew in the back of my mind that I had seen both used creatively recently, but not remembering exactly in what capacity, I only picked up one of each.  I've since remembered seeing the paper tape made into paper lace using punches, but still have not figured out what to do with the rolling pin.  But they were only a quarter a piece.  

By the time I got through that area and walked back to the linen table, it had already been pretty well picked through and I had had enough of the human pinball machine we were part of so we checked out having spent a total of $6.00.   

The card at the top was made using all SU products.  The elephant is from the Patterned Occasions stamp set stamped in VersaMark on Island Indigo paper and then embossed with white EP.  The banner was stamped in Tangerine Tango on paper of the same color using the Hearts A Flutter stamp set and die.  I added Tangerine Tango and Lucky Limeade ribbons, a punched flower and a sticky jewel.  I used sellabration DSP on an Island Indigo card base.  


  1. What a gorgeous little lacey teapot! So pretty!
    Love the cute little bunnies on the card below! Very sweet!
    Sunshine, NZ

  2. Love your elephant card - those colours are great for a "hot" feel. I wish!!
    The lacy teapot is amazing - it reminds me a little of one I saw at a quilting exhibition. Memo to self - check photos and consider for a challenge. And the little bunny - I'm glad the other lady put her down even if it's just so I can see her. She is sweet - and do my eyes deceive me or is she playing something a bit like a melodica?

  3. Sounds like a fun day . . . and what great finds. I have to believe the lady fell under you spell and that is why she put the bunny down - it was supposed to go home with you. have a wonderful day!


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