Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Wrap-Up

As I did in January, I kept up every day with a new tangle or zentangle string pattern.  Just so it's clear, these are not patterns that I have created, they are patterns that have been created by others who have published the steps to recreate them.  They provide step-out instructions and in some cases I have done the basic tangle, in other cases I have done that and variations.  I have indicated under the date in each block the name of the tangle and the name of the creator.  

At the beginning and end of each month I have been attempting to also include an inspirational quote.  

Speaking of beginnings, at the beginning of this week I went to a "Soup Tasting" with a couple good friends.

It was sponsored by the Hunterdon County Rotary and all the proceeds were to go to the food banks.  

There were 20 local restaurants that participated which meant a possible 20 tastes of soup approximately equal to one ladle full or about 1/3 a cup I would estimate.

I tasted 14 of the 20, staying away from those with seafood just in case I really do have a shellfish allergy (long story for another time). 

The winning soup was a tasty Italian Wedding Soup.  Second place went to a yummy Creamy Wild Mushroom.  And the judges pick was a delicious Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Potato & Corn Chowder.  My vote went to the Country Ham and Three Bean soup.

As you can see from this picture, this amaryllis is parked on the floor and has grown taller than any amaryllis we've ever had.  Two stalks produced 9 total blooms.

This is it visible from outside.

And while we're on the outside, Rachel gave us this new bird feeder that sticks onto a window with pretty strong suction cups.  We put it right outside the kitchen window over the sink and in no time we had a visitor.

The Titmice are the daring ones.  They've come to the feeder with me standing on the other side, but the pictures I had to take from the middle of the room because the camera lens really spooked them up close.  

I still have to post the "headboard" project from February.  Until then, I'm very glad that the days are getting noticeably longer.  Daylight Saving Time will resume next weekend and that should help tremendously with everyone's outlook.


  1. What a sweet little bird, and a great bird feeder! Great way to get a 'birds-eye' view of the birds:-)
    P.S. Thanks for the info about the pig stamp. I have contacted a company here to order it!
    "Miss Piggy" is still busy flapping her wings for take off...

  2. The birdfeeder is wonderful . . . as usual - love the bird pictures. have a wonderful day!

  3. Love your little monthly project. You are getting so good at it. The flowers are fabulous. I grew one last Christmas but have many in my yard. I love them. I am going to look for a feeder like that. I love birdies. My miss piggy is still flapping away too.. Such a great gift. I have her in my kitchen within my plants.


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