Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Administrative Professional's Day

Just a little something to show my fellow admins some appreciation.  The sentiment says "so glad we're here for each other".

There are 18 of us throughout the district - in the schools, the board office, transportation, and student and instructional services.  It's a pretty good network of support for one another as well as the school system.  

I was glad to find a couple of packages of this dsp in my stash and the instructions for this cute folded paper box here from Tiffany Bauer of My Crafty World.  One note - if you follow her great instructions, instead of marking your paper at 2" and 11", I think it should be 2" and 9" which worked out perfectly.  This is easy and was just big enough to hold a snack pack of Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers, a single serve of Wylers Iced Tea w/Lemonade (to add to a bottle of water), a Lindor Truffle, and an animal shaped bag clip for some whimsy.  
My daughter works in a school and she told me that she needed to send a fax last week and she couldn't remember how exactly to do it so she sheepishly asked one of the secretaries for help.  I say sheepishly because she had asked before and gotten directions but hadn't remembered the process and she knew that this could be a little frustrating for the office staff.  The secretary remembered this, of course, and heaved a little sigh and made a little comment about it's funny that teachers have such a hard time remembering these things.  Rachel told her "I know.  My mom works in a school office and she's always telling me how forgetful teachers are.  (She didn't quite use the words that I used.)  She says it's quite a problem."  And this sent the secretary into hysterics. 
I reminded her of what today was and she told me not to worry, that she already had it taken care of!


  1. These are beautiful! The papers and flower image make for a lovely Spring feel. Your colleagues must always anticipate a special treat from you!

  2. Love the box! Visited Tiffany's blog to find the instructions and will try making the box soon!
    Pretty colours you used:-)
    Sunshine, NZ


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