Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Tangles and a Tale

Yesterday, the first day back for the students after their spring break, the rites of Spring began.

Not one, not two, but three teachers called the office to report that the 5th grade boys said there were ants in the boy's bathroom coming up through the drain in the center of the floor.  

The calls came during lunch period and the time the custodian was cleaning up afterwards which meant I couldn't get him to look at it just yet.  So I told the teacher(s) to tell the students they had permission to kill the ants thinking they would just stomp on them.  

The teachers laughed.  You see, we're not allowed to used insecticides in the school, or any kind of poison for that matter, so the custodian would probably just spray them with window cleaner which would  shoo them away for a while, but inevitably they would return.  

But these crafty students..... they came up with their own way of getting rid of them, and it wasn't by stomping on them.  Care to guess?

Yup, the next student that came to the office didn't just report ants.   

The Out of Order sign went up and the boys were forced to walk to the other side of the building to use that bathroom.

So, the custodian had a bigger mess to clean up, but you know what............ the ants were dead.  And he actually laughed about it. 

Yes, the school year is just about two thirds done and everyone is looking toward the finish line.  We will have more "frequent flyers" to the office and more people than you would think will run desperately short of common sense.    

But then there might be more treats like these to look forward to................

This is a tray of cupcakes created by one of our 4th graders for her birthday and which she shared with her class.  This was surely a treat for the eyes!  (And did you notice that she used a picture frame turned upside-down for the tray?)


  1. The 6th and the 23rd are my favourite tangles - you almost make me want to try it myself!
    Your post title made me think of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales which was one of the books my mother used to read to us all when we were young. I can perfectly envision that big blue hard-back book and the pre-Raphaelite style illustration on the cover, but do you think I can remember even one of the stories?
    Amazing tray of cupcakes - that's one artistic girl.

  2. Love your tangles . . . love this post - it reminds me of your Friday CPR posts. What wonderful cupcakes!!! . . . and the picture frame tray was perfect! have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Wow!!! What a spectacular tray of cupcakes!! And a super funny story about the kids and the custodian with a great sense of humor!!

  4. Too funny! :) Those boys were very resourceful! :) Love those cupcakes!!!!! The tray is awesome too!!!!! Can't wait to see what she does in 5th grade!!!!


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