Monday, April 29, 2013

60 Years, Flowers, and More

I wish I had taken a better picture of this card I made for our good friend Bill who turned 60 this weekend.  There is significance to the trees and the seasons and how it relates to the human life.  We had a fantastic time helping him celebrate.  This is one of those friendships that spans more than forty years and many memorable moments.  

Speaking of trees, one of my favorite trees is currently blooming.  Recognize these blossoms?

How about these blossoms?

Okay, so I need a little more fullness in those centers, but this is a new Sizzix die that I recently got and spent a little time working with last week.  The centers of the white petals are a little more colorful than what you see here.  I used my Prismacolor pencils to lightly shade them a yellowish green color.  I also used my pencils to add some shading to the leaves.  I am wishing that I could make them look a little shinier.  Crystal Effects would give it too much of a shine I think.  I may have to do some experimenting.  Hmmm, maybe some matte modge podge?  I must have that here somewhere!!!

Here are the real blossoms with the paper ones.  As you can see, they are much different in size, but I think on a card they will be pretty.  Oh, and guess what I used for the stem?  I had a couple of gift bags that I had put aside with those twisted paper handles that had come off on one or more sides and I decided to pitch the bags and save the handles.  

And while I'm speaking of blossoms, this is the back of the school that I work at.  We had a boy scout put in these raised beds as part of his Eagle Scout project last summer.  There are 6 of them and unfortunately, no one seems to be interested in using them.  The custodian crabbed about having to weed them before school started last September and the weeds were already starting to sprout, so I asked the Principal if I (that would be HWNSNBP and I) could use one or two of them and also sent out an e-mail to the staff to see if anyone else would be interested.  I have one teacher who might also be supplementing his garden here.  This is a fenced in area so the critters are not likely to get in and enjoy the free dinner.  (I hope!)

HWNSNBP got a load of topsoil and we went to the Great Swamp Nursery on Sunday and picked out some plants.  I chose a mixture of perennials, annuals, herbs, vegetables and planted some seeds.  The end closest to the school has Celosia and Periwinkles and I put down Zinnia and Bachelor Button seeds.  In the center there are 4 grape tomato plants (which I'm hoping will be a nice snack during the summer).  At the far end on the left is a Rosemary plant, and center is some fragrant Bee Balm (which will be wine colored when blooming), a sky blue Delphinium, and some dark blue perennial Salvia.  I interspersed some white Nicotiana between those perennials.  It will be a little patriotic corner.  I've got a bit of space between that end and the tomatoes in the center.  I was thinking maybe some chrysanthemums for fall color.  

I think I'll be claiming two more beds, one for Sunflowers, and one for pumpkins.  

I don't know if anyone noticed what we did yet.  (We did weed all of them.) No one said anything. I want to put a sign in there that says "GREEN ACRES".  What do you think about that?

Jumping over to the other side of the school, this is what is in the nesting box as of last Thursday. 

I would venture to say that the bluebirds have won dibs on the box, but I still see those pesky swallows trying to get in.  I hope it doesn't turn out like the first clutch last year - destroyed.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Ah, one of my favorite stamp sets...I still have it, too! TFS the nature pictures, too! Good luck with the bluebirds--those swallows (and sparrows) can be pesky!

  2. Well you had me fooled! I thought those paper flowers were real for sure! Well done! Hope the Bluebirds eggs stay safe:-) Pretty colour! I know you will keep us up to date!
    Sunshine, NZ

  3. Later than I said, but I did remember to come back and take another look at your photos. I've always loved Tree for All Seasons, and using the woodgrain background is just so perfect!!
    Amazing paper dogwood, they look so realistic - especially version #2 in your next post with the Liquid Paper.
    How lovely that you're putting those raised beds to such a good use. Hopefully seeing you use some will inspire others to get gardening. The idea of one full of sunflowers is great - I love seeing them en masse.

  4. Enjoyed your photos. How wonderful you are using the raised beds . . . we have a few at our school that our preschoolers plant in and tend to every year. I hope the critters stay away.


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